How to Make Your iPhone Vibrate When You Get a Text Message

You will want to learn how to make your iPhone vibrate when you get a text message if you often have your phone in your pocket, or if you need an indication that you have received a new message when your iPhone’s volume is off.

The vibration setting for your messages is separate from the vibration setting for the phone, so it is entirely possible that your phone will vibrate when you receive a phone call, but not when you receive a new text message. Fortunately you can enable vibration for text messages by following just a few short steps.


Turn on Vibration for Text Messages on an iPhone

The article below was written on an iPhone 5 using the iOS 7 version of the operating system. The exact steps may be different if you are using a different version of iOS.

By following the steps below you will be enabling your iPhone’s vibration feature whenever you receive a new text message. If you wish to turn off the vibration, then you will need to follow these steps again and switch the vibration setting to the None option.


Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings menu



Step 2: Scroll down and touch the Sounds option.

open the sounds menu



Step 3: Confirm that the Vibrate on Ring and the Vibrate on Silent options are both turned on, then touch the Text Tone button in the Sounds and Vibrations section of the screen.

select the text tone option



Step 4: Touch the Vibration option at the top of the menu.

touch the vibration option at the top of the menu



Step 5: Select a vibration pattern that you want to use. There will be a brief example of each vibration pattern as you select it. Once you have selected a vibration pattern you can press the Home button under your screen to exit this menu.

how to turn on vibration for text messages on the iphone



Do you want the vibration to be the only notification that you receive about a new text message? Learn how to turn off the text message sound on your iPhone with this article.

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