How to Make Alarm Vibrate Only on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

To make your iPhone 15 vibrate only for alarms, simply go to the Clock app, edit the alarm, tap on Sound, and select None. Then, ensure the Vibration setting above the sound selection is set to anything but None. After completing these steps, your alarm will vibrate without any sound.

After you complete the action, your iPhone 15 will silently vibrate at the set alarm time instead of playing the usual alarm sound. This feature is particularly useful if you need to wake up without disturbing others or if you prefer a gentle wake-up method.

You can also check out this video about how to make an alarm vibrate only on iPhone 15 for more on this subject.


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed your alarm to go off, but didn’t want to disturb the serene silence of your environment or the peaceful slumber of a loved one? Or maybe you’re someone who finds the blaring sound of an alarm too jarring rather than gently nudging you awake. If this sounds like you, then learning how to set your iPhone 15 to vibrate only for alarms could be a game-changer.

The iPhone 15, like its predecessors, comes with an array of customizable features aimed at enhancing user experience. One such feature is the ability to set your alarm to vibrate only, which can be particularly handy for a variety of scenarios – perhaps you’re a heavy sleeper who doesn’t wake up to the sound of an alarm, or maybe you’re in a meeting or library and need a discreet reminder without noise. Whatever your reason, being able to set a vibration-only alarm on your iPhone 15 is a useful skill to have.

Step by Step Tutorial: Set Your iPhone 15 Alarm to Vibrate Only

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that what we’re about to accomplish is setting up an alarm that will vibrate without playing any sound. This can be useful for a silent wake-up or reminder.

Step 1: Open the Clock app

The Clock app is where you’ll find all your alarm settings.

Once you’ve opened the Clock app, it’s relatively straightforward to navigate. Tap on the alarm tab at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

Step 2: Edit your alarm

Select the alarm you want to adjust or set up a new one.

If you’re setting up a new alarm, tap the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner. If you’re editing an existing one, tap ‘Edit’ in the top left corner and then tap on the alarm you wish to change.

Step 3: Tap on Sound

The Sound option allows you to pick your alarm tone.

After tapping on Sound, you’ll be presented with a list of available ringtones and alert tones. Scroll all the way to the top to find the None option.

Step 4: Select None

By selecting None, you’re ensuring no sound will play for your alarm.

Even though you’re setting your alarm to vibrate only, it’s important to check the Vibration setting above Sound to ensure it isn’t set to None as well.

Step 5: Ensure Vibration is set

Make sure the Vibration setting above Sound is set to something other than None.

You can choose from a variety of vibration patterns or create your own by tapping on the “Create New Vibration” option.


Discreet AlertsSetting your alarm to vibrate only allows for silent alerts that won’t disturb others.
Gentle Wake-upA vibration can be a more gentle way to wake up compared to an auditory alarm.
VersatilityThis setting is useful in various situations like meetings, libraries, or quiet environments.


Might Not Wake Heavy SleepersIf you’re a heavy sleeper, a vibration-only alarm might not be enough to wake you up.
Battery DrainThe vibration motor uses more battery than playing a sound, which could drain your iPhone 15’s battery faster.
Limited CustomizationThere are fewer customization options for vibrations compared to alarm sounds.

Additional Information

Setting your iPhone 15 alarm to vibrate only can be particularly useful in various situations. For instance, if you’re a parent with a newborn, a vibrating alarm can alert you without waking the baby. It’s also a great option for those who need to take medication at a certain time or have set times for certain activities without drawing attention.

Remember, the key to a successful vibration-only alarm is making sure your phone is placed where you’ll feel or hear the vibration. This could be under your pillow, on a wooden nightstand, or even in a pocket. However, be mindful of the surface you place your phone on, as the vibration could potentially cause your device to move or fall.

Lastly, don’t forget to charge your iPhone 15 regularly, as using the vibration alarm frequently may have an impact on battery life. It’s also worth noting that while the vibration setting is silent, it does have a distinct feel and sound when the phone is on a hard surface, so it might not be completely noise-free.


  1. Open the Clock app.
  2. Edit your alarm or set up a new one.
  3. Tap on Sound.
  4. Select None to ensure no sound will play.
  5. Make sure the Vibration setting is set to something other than None.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the vibration pattern for my alarm?

Yes, you can customize the vibration pattern by creating a new vibration under the Vibration settings in the Clock app.

Will a vibration-only alarm still work if my iPhone 15 is in silent mode?

Yes, the vibration function works independently of your phone’s sound settings.

Can I set multiple alarms to vibrate only?

Absolutely, you can adjust the settings for each individual alarm on your iPhone 15 depending on your needs.

Is there a way to ensure I don’t accidentally set my alarm to sound?

By selecting None under the Sound option, you can ensure your alarm will vibrate only. Just double-check the settings after you’ve set the alarm.

Will my alarm still vibrate if my iPhone 15 is turned off?

No, your iPhone 15 must be turned on for the alarm to go off, regardless if it’s set to sound, vibrate, or both.


Being able to set your iPhone 15 alarm to vibrate only is a nifty little feature that can make a significant difference in your daily routine. Whether you’re looking for a discreet alert system, a gentle wake-up call, or just need to be mindful of your surroundings, setting your alarm to vibrate is a simple yet effective solution.

Just remember to place your phone strategically to ensure you don’t miss the alert, and keep an eye on your battery life. Now that you know how to make your alarm vibrate only on iPhone 15, you can enjoy the benefits of this feature with ease.

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