How to Create an iPhone Alarm That Goes Off Everyday

The Clock app on your iPhone has an alarm feature that you can use in lieu of an actual alarm clock. Since you take your iPhone with you almost everywhere, then that means you will have it when you are travelling, or anytime you are away from your home. This freedom gives you the opportunity to use alarms for more than just waking up, which means that learning how to create an iPhone alarm that goes off everyday can have a lot of practical uses.

Whether you want to give yourself a reminder to take medication everyday, or to remind you about a daily activity, an alarm that goes off everyday can have a lot of applications.


Create an Everyday iPhone Alarm

This tutorial is going to create an alarm on your iPhone that goes off everyday. During the process of creating this alarm, you are going to be selecting each day of the week that you want to use the alarm. So if you did not want the alarm to go off on Saturday, for example, then you could simply not select Saturday when you are choosing days.


Step 1: Open the Clock app.

open the clock app



Step 2: Select the Alarm option at the bottom of the screen.

touch the alarm tab



Step 3: Touch the + symbol at the top-right corner of the screen.

touch the + symbol



Step 4: Select the time for the alarm using the wheel at the top of the screen, then touch the Repeat option.

touch the repeat button



Step 5: Tap each day so that there is a red check mark next to it, as in the image below. Tap the Back button to return to the alarm’s settings page.

select all of the days



Step 6: Enter a name for the alarm in the Label field, change the alarm sound, then select a Snooze option. Once you are done, touch the Save button at the top-right of the screen to finish creating the alarm.

touch the save button



If you decide later that you need to make changes to your alarm, then this article will show you the steps that you need to take to do so. newsletter

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