how to turn off zoom on the apple watch

How to Turn Off Zoom on Apple Watch (5 Easy Steps)

An Apple Watch that has a zoomed in screen can be very difficult to read. Fortunately, you can read our guide below on how to turn off zoom on Apple Watch so that you can restore the watch’s display to its default zoom level. When you start to use your Apple Watch for more and … Read more

how to enable or disable theater mode on the apple watch

How to Enable or Disable Theater Mode on an Apple Watch

Dimming your iPhone screen is something that you will do in a dark environment either because it’s too bright for you, or because you are worried that it might disturb others. The Apple watch screen can be pretty bright, too, and it has a feature called Theater Mode that changes some settings so that it … Read more

how to disable calendar alerts on apple watch

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Calendar Notifications

Your iPhone Home screen can display a number of different types of notifications whether the device is locked on unlocked. If you also have an Apple Watch, then that can be customized to display activity notifications, calendar notifications, and other notifications on the watch face as well. But if you use your calendar a lot … Read more