How to Turn off All Sound on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a bright, crisp screen that can display images and make text easy to read. But if can also play sounds, such as alerts that indicate the arrival or a new text message or a phone call. This is helpful if you rely on those sounds to notify you of certain things, […]

How to Limit the Amount of Music on Your Apple Watch

While the Apple Watch doesn’t have all of the same capabilities as an iPhone, there are a lot of tasks that you perform on the phone that can also be managed from the watch. One such task that you can use the Apple Watch 2 for is putting songs directly on the watch so that […]

How to Turn Off Email Previews on the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch can show you a lot of information about the notifications that you receive from the apps on your iPhone. Many of these notifications can even completely replace the functionality of your iPhone, meaning that you won’t need to take the phone out of your pocket or your purse as frequently. One of […]

How to Turn Off the Ringtone Sound on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can do a lot of the same things that your iPhone does, including playing a sound when you receive a phone call. The ability to interact with the Phone app through your watch can be surprisingly convenient, but you might find the ringtone element to be a little excessive, and feel that […]

How to Disable Heart Rate Tracking on the Apple Watch

The battery life on the Apple Watch is something that you may find troubling if you use the watch a lot during the course of the day. You may be able to improve the watch’s battery life slightly by reducing the brightness or limiting how long the screen stays on after you touch it, but […]

How to Show an Available App on the Apple Watch

Many of the apps that you download and install on your iPhone will have a corresponding Apple Watch app, too. it’s possible for these apps to install automatically, but you might have previously disabled the setting that allows that to happen. So if you have downloaded an app to your phone that you would also […]

How to Set a Monogram on Your Apple Watch

There are a lot of settings and customizations that you can make on the Apple Watch and, if you spend enough time fiddling around with the device, you are sure to find new and interesting settings that you want to use. One of these settings is the Complication that is offered by some of the […]

How to Turn Off Grayscale on an Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch suddenly only displaying black, white, and gray colors? This could be a little alarming if you didn’t do it intentionally. The bright colors and vivid display of the Apple Watch is certainly one of its more appealing features so, when that disappears, it can be cause for concern. Fortunately your watch […]

How to Use the Mickey Mouse Face on Your Apple Watch

Aside from all of the useful interactions with the apps on your iPhone, the Apple Watch is also a device that you wear on your wrist to tell time. Watches have long been a fashion accessory, and the appearance of the watch is important for many people. Luckily the Apple Watch offers a number of […]

What is the Water Drop Icon at the Top of My Apple Watch Screen?

Have you noticed a small blue water drop at the top of your Apple Watch screen? Coincidentally, did you also notice that the screen was locked? This is a mode that is useful when you are in water, as water can cause your watch’s touch screen to do some unexpected things. Our guide below will […]