How to Access the Keypad & Change Audio Output on Apple Watch Calls

Accessing the keypad and changing audio output during a phone call on your Apple Watch is a handy skill. Essentially, you can quickly switch between your watch’s speaker, a connected Bluetooth device, or transfer the call to your iPhone. And if you need to input numbers during the call, you can pull up the keypad with a few taps.

Step by Step Tutorial: Keypad & Audio Output on Apple Watch Calls

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to note that these functions allow you to manage your call without reaching for your iPhone. Whether you’re inputting a conference call code or switching to a headset, these tips make multitasking a breeze.

Step 1: Start or Receive a Call

Begin a call on your Apple Watch by tapping the green phone icon or answer an incoming call by tapping “Accept”.

When you’re on a call, the watch interface changes to show the active call. From here, you can access additional options.

Step 2: Access the Keypad

Swipe up from the bottom of the call screen to reveal additional options and tap the “Keypad” button.

The keypad will appear on your watch screen, allowing you to input numbers as needed, just like on any phone.

Step 3: Change the Audio Output

To change where the call audio plays, tap the “Audio Source” button located on the top-right of the call interface.

You’ll see options like “Apple Watch,” “iPhone,” or any connected Bluetooth devices. Simply tap the option you prefer, and the audio will switch over.

After completing these steps, you’ll have successfully navigated the call options on your Apple Watch. You’ll be able to enter numbers using the keypad or switch the call audio without missing a beat.

Tips for Keypad & Audio Output on Apple Watch Calls

  • Keep your Apple Watch updated to ensure all features work smoothly.
  • Make sure Bluetooth devices are paired and connected prior to starting the call if you plan to switch audio output.
  • Use the Digital Crown to adjust call volume during the call.
  • Remember you can also transfer the call back to your iPhone if needed.
  • Practice accessing these features outside of actual calls to become more familiar with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Bluetooth device is connected for audio output?

You will see the name of the connected Bluetooth device in the “Audio Source” list during a call.

If your device isn’t listed, make sure it’s connected through the Apple Watch’s settings under Bluetooth.

Can I switch audio output multiple times during a call?

Yes, you can switch back and forth as many times as needed during a call.

This flexibility is great for those moments when you need privacy or your current audio source is no longer convenient.

Will the person on the other end of the call notice when I change audio output?

No, the switch is seamless and should not affect the call’s quality or alert the other person.

The transition between audio sources is designed to be smooth to maintain call quality.

What if the keypad doesn’t appear when I swipe up?

Ensure your Apple Watch software is up to date. If the problem persists, consider restarting your watch.

Sometimes a simple restart can resolve unexpected glitches or interface issues.

Can I answer a call on my Apple Watch and then transfer it to my iPhone?

Yes, during a call on your Apple Watch, you can tap the “Audio Source” button and select your iPhone to transfer the call.

This feature is particularly useful when you start a call in one setting and need to move to another where using your iPhone is more appropriate.


  1. Start or receive a call on your Apple Watch.
  2. Swipe up and tap “Keypad” to enter numbers.
  3. Tap “Audio Source” to switch audio output.


Mastering the art of handling phone calls on your Apple Watch, including accessing the keypad and changing audio output, can truly streamline your communication experience. Imagine the convenience of inputting conference call codes or privately listening to a call during a workout, all from your wrist—this is the level of versatility the Apple Watch offers. With practice, these steps will become second nature, making the watch an even more powerful tool in your daily life. Just remember, the key to a smooth experience is keeping your devices updated and familiarizing yourself with the process before you’re in a rush. So, go ahead, give it a try on your next call and experience the magic of Apple’s technology at your fingertips.

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