When I Type it Deletes in Microsoft Word – Why?

If you’re experiencing an issue in Microsoft Word where typing a letter replaces an existing letter, then you aren’t alone. This is caused by something called “overtype.” Use these steps ot stop deleting letters when you type in Word. Open your document in Microsoft Word. Press the Ins or Insert key on your keyboard. Type […]

How to Single Space in Word for Office 365

Document spacing can have an impact on a number of things, including the number of pages in the document. Use these steps to single space in Word. Open the document. Click inside the document and press Ctrl + A to select everything. Select the Home tab at the top of the window. Click the Line […]

Microsoft Word Line Spacing Too Big?

If you are coming from a different version of Microsoft Word, or if you are used to a different word processor, then the Microsoft Word line spacing may be too big. Use these steps to make document line spacing smaller. Open the document in Word. Click inside the document, then press Ctrl + A to […]

How to Type an Exponent in Word for Office 365

Occasionally you will need to type some text into a Word document that requires some unusual formatting. Use these steps to type an exponent in Word. Open your document in Word. Position your cursor where you want the exponent in the document. Type the number or character for the exponent, then use your mouse to […]

How to Add Line Numbers in Microsoft Word for Office 365

Are you working on a document with other people and finding it difficult to reference particular parts of the document? Or are you looking for a simple way to number a list of items? Microsoft Word has an option that will let it automatically number each line in the document for you. These numbers appear […]

How to Change the Voice in Microsoft Word When Reading Aloud

Microsoft Word has a feature that will cause it to read your document aloud. Simply click where you want it to start, enable the feature, then click the “Play” button. This feature has some default settings, including the speed at which it reads, as well as the voice that it uses. But the settings that […]

How to Bottom Align in Microsoft Word for Office 365

New documents that you create in Microsoft Word will align your content to the top of the page by default. This means that when you start typing, the text will appear on the top-most line in the document. This is a very common requirement for most documents, and many people find this to be the […]

How to Change the Gutter Position in Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word includes several settings that let you control the margins and spacing around the document. Many schools and organizations have their own specific requirements for the sizes of these margins, but you may encounter a new setting that is unfamiliar if you need to bind your document. Since binding takes up some additional space […]

How to Convert a Microsoft Word Table to Excel

While Microsoft Excel features a number of advanced tools and settings to work with data in spreadsheet and table formats, Microsoft Word has some of those options, too. If you’ve created a document in Microsoft Word that needed to reference some data, then it’s entirely possible that you have elected to present that data in […]

How to Make a Footnote in Microsoft Word 2016

Footnotes are a useful way to provide clarification or additional information about something you have referenced. Therefore it can be useful for many writers to know how to make a footnote in Microsoft Word 2016. Luckily it’s a relatively common feature for a number of different document types, so Microsoft has made the process for […]