How to Use Page X of Y Page Numbering in Word 2013

Page numbers are an important organizational part of many documents, and your school or company may require them for any document that you submit. While you may be familiar with adding page numbers in Word 2013, you may need to add them in a format called “Page X of Y Page Numbering.” This page numbering style is […]

How to Use Narrow Margins By Default in Word 2013

If you aren’t in school or a corporate environment that has strict rules about the way that your documents are formatted, then you have probably found that you often change the page settings when you create a new document. You might even change them in the same way for every new document that you create. […]

How to Remove Password Protection from a Document in Word 2013

Learning how to remove a password from a Word document is crucial if you have a document that is currently password protected, but you need to be able to edit it or share it with other people. Password protecting a document in Word 2013 is a great way to keep information in that document private. […]

How to Password Protect a Document in Word 2013

Microsoft Word documents can often hold personal or important information. A normal Word document can be opened by anyone with a copy of that document, however, so you may decide to add some protection to a document in Word 2013 if it contains particularly sensitive information. Word 2013 includes a tool that allows you to encrypt […]

How to Underline Trailing Spaces in Word 2013

There are several reasons that you might need an underlined blank space in a Word document, but a common one is to create a place in a form where someone needs to sign their name, or enter some information. The underlined blank space can be achieved with the help of the underscore (hold down the […]

How to Remove a Border from a Picture in Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 provides a few methods by which you can modify a picture that you have inserted into a document. One of those methods is adding a border to the picture. This can be helpful both for stylistic purposes, as well as to provide a clearer distinction between where the picture ends and the […]

How to Remove a Watermark in Word 2013

Watermarks in Microsoft Word provide a simple way to identify a draft or confidential version of a document without altering the actual content of that document. But you may need to delete that watermark later, so it is helpful to know where the setting for that action is located. Our guide below will show you how […]

How to Keep the Ribbon Visible in Word 2013

The ribbon at the top of the window in Microsoft Word 2013 takes up a lot of space, which is a source of contention with users that preferred the more minimalist view of Word 2003. But the commands in the ribbon are very important for formatting your document, so if that ribbon is not visible, […]

How to Hide Comments When Printing in Word 2013

Comments are very useful when you collaborating on a document at work or school. Without comments, changes can be difficult to notice, and can lead to mistakes or confusion. But when you need to print a document that has been heavily edited, you might not need to include the comments that were a part of […]

How to Hide the Vertical Ruler in Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 can display a horizontal ruler above your document and a vertical ruler to the left of the document, depending upon which view you are currently using. But if your document needs do not require you to use these rulers, then you might prefer to have the screen space that they are using. […]