How to Remove the Underline from a Hyperlink in Word 2013

Word document formatting can come in a variety of different options, so whether you need to double space your document or customize your page numbering, you are likely to find out that there are a considerable number of different menus for styling. But one of the harder elements of a document to format are the […]

How to Delete a Picture in Word 2013

The shortcut menu that appears when you right-click an image in Word 2013 contains a number of different settings and options that you can use to manipulate a picture. For example, you could add a hyperlink to a picture so that a reader can click the picture and be taken to a Web page or […]

How to Stop Document Properties from Printing in Word 2013

A document can often be difficult to identify if it doesn’t have a title page or a detailed header, so printing a document properties page can be a helpful way to keep your documents organized. But enabling that option will modify the settings for Word 2013 so that every document you print includes this page, […]

How to Hide the “Add-Ins” Tab in Word 2013

We have previously written about how to remove add-ins in Microsoft Word, but you may be experiencing a different problem where you have a tab above the Word ribbon that is labeled “Add-Ins.” This tab provides access to add-ins that are currently part of your Word 2013 installation. This tab is not a required navigational […]

How to Print Document Properties by Default in Word 2013

It can be difficult to keep track of printed documents if you don’t use cover pages, or if you print a lot of very similar documents. Including important information in the header can be effective, but it may not be an option if you have specific requirements for your headers. Another way that you can […]

How to Get Mirrored Text in a Text Box in Word 2013

Positioning text in a Word 2013 document can be frustrating if that text is part of the regular document body. One way to give yourself more freedom with moving and adjusting your text is to put it in a text box. Aside from the benefits that a text box affords you in moving your text […]

Why Isn’t Word 2013 Printing My Background Colors and Images?

Word 2013 has a number of different templates that can help you design newsletters, flyers, birthday cards, and more. One of the first things that you may do when using one of these templates is to change the page color of your document. But if you make that change and go to print the document, […]

How to Flip a Picture in Word 2013

The steps in this guide are going to show you how to flip a picture vertically or horizontally in Microsoft Word. After briefly covering the steps at the top of the article we continue afterward with more information and pictures of the steps. Click the picture that you want to flip. Select the Rotate button […]

How to Use Page X of Y Page Numbering in Word 2013

Page numbers are an important organizational part of many documents, and your school or company┬ámay require them for any document that you submit. While you may be familiar with adding page numbers in Word 2013, you may need to add them in a format called “Page X of Y Page Numbering.” This page numbering┬ástyle is […]

How to Use Narrow Margins By Default in Word 2013

If you aren’t in school or a corporate environment that has strict rules about the way that your documents are formatted, then you have probably found that you often change the page settings when you create a new document. You might even change them in the same way for every new document that you create. […]