How to Add Page Number in Word (2024): A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding page numbers in Word is a simple task that can be accomplished in just a few clicks. Whether you’re preparing a document for work, school, or personal use, proper pagination helps keep your pages organized and makes your document look more professional. Let’s get into how you can do this quickly and easily.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Add Page Number in Word

Before we get into the steps, it’s important to know that adding page numbers to your Word document helps with document navigation and organization. Whether you are creating a report, a manuscript, or any multi-page document, page numbers are essential.

Step 1: Open the “Insert” Tab

Open the “Insert” tab in the Word ribbon at the top of the screen.

This tab contains various tools to add different elements to your document, including page numbers.

Step 2: Click on “Page Number”

Click on the “Page Number” button in the “Header & Footer” section.

A drop-down menu will appear with several options for where you can place the page numbers in your document.

Step 3: Choose the Position and Style

Choose where you want the page numbers to appear (e.g., top of the page, bottom of the page) and select the style you prefer.

There are many styles to choose from, whether you want something simple or more intricate.

Step 4: Format the Page Numbers (optional)

If you need to, click on “Format Page Numbers” for more options like starting the numbering at a specific page or using Roman numerals.

This step is optional but useful if you have a title page or table of contents that you don’t want to number.

Step 5: Close the Header and Footer

Once you’re satisfied with the page numbers, click “Close Header and Footer” or double-click outside of the header/footer area to return to your document.

Your page numbers will now be visible on each page in the location and style you selected.

After completing these steps, your document will have page numbers in the location and style you selected. You can now easily navigate through your document, and readers can reference specific pages quickly.

Tips: How to Add Page Number in Word

  • If you’re working with sections in your document, you can insert section-specific page numbers by selecting “Link to Previous” to differentiate them.
  • Remember you can add page numbers to either the header or the footer of your document based on your preference or required document formatting.
  • If you have a title page and you want to start your page numbering on the second page, you can choose the option to start page numbering at “0” so that your title page won’t have a visible page number.
  • You can personalize your page numbers by adding additional text in the header or footer before or after the page number.
  • If you’re working with a document that will be printed double-sided, consider using “Different Odd & Even Pages” to ensure page numbers are properly placed for book-style printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove page numbers from my Word document?

To remove page numbers, go back to the “Page Number” option in the “Insert” tab, and at the bottom, you’ll see “Remove Page Numbers.” Click on that, and the numbers will be deleted from your document.

Can I add page numbers to a PDF in Word?

If you convert your PDF to a Word document, you can add page numbers following the same steps as you would for any Word document.

How do I skip numbering on the first page?

In the “Page Number” format options, check the box that says “Different First Page.” This will allow you to skip numbering on the first page.

Can I restart page numbering in the middle of a document?

Yes, you can restart page numbering by inserting a section break and then choosing the “Start at” option in the Format Page Numbers dialog box.

How do I add page numbers without a header or footer?

Page numbers typically go in the header or footer. If you want them elsewhere on the page, consider adding a text box where you want the number, but this will require manual input on each page.


  1. Open the “Insert” Tab
  2. Click on “Page Number”
  3. Choose the Position and Style
  4. Format the Page Numbers (optional)
  5. Close the Header and Footer


Adding page numbers to your Word document is a breeze, isn’t it? With these simple steps, you’ve transformed a stack of pages into a neatly organized document. Remember, page numbers are more than just digits; they are the roadmap that guides readers through your work. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone with a passion for organization, mastering how to add page number in Word is a skill that will serve you time and time again. So, go ahead, give your documents the finishing touch they deserve, and never lose your place again. Happy formatting!

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