How to Put Border in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding a border in a Word document can really make your pages pop! It’s like putting a fancy frame on a picture; it just looks better. Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake, and I’m here to walk you through it. By the end of this, you’ll be adding borders like a pro!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Put Border in Word

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re going to do. Adding a border in Word is a simple process that involves accessing the “Page Layout” or “Design” tab, choosing a border style, and applying it to the page. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open the ‘Page Layout’ or ‘Design’ Tab

Go to the ‘Page Layout’ or ‘Design’ tab in the ribbon at the top of Word.

Depending on your version of Word, you might see either “Page Layout” or “Design.” Click on it, and you’ll see a bunch of options for making your document look great.

Step 2: Click on ‘Page Borders’

Select the ‘Page Borders’ option in the ‘Page Background’ group.

You’ll find ‘Page Borders’ among other options like ‘Page Color’ and ‘Watermark.’ It’s usually a small square icon with a border-like design.

Step 3: Choose Your Border Style

Pick a border style from the options available in the ‘Borders and Shading’ dialog box.

There’s a whole library of styles to choose from—solid lines, dotted lines, wavy lines, you name it! Feel free to get creative here.

Step 4: Apply the Border to the Document

After choosing your style, apply the border to the whole document, a section, or just one page.

You can customize where you want the border to appear. Maybe you want it on every page, or just the first page, or maybe you want a different border for different sections. Control is in your hands.

Step 5: Adjust the Border Settings (Optional)

Tweak the settings for width, color, and other options to get the border just right.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can change the thickness of the line, pick a different color, or even go for a shaded effect. Play around with the settings until you’re happy with the look.

After completing these steps, your document will have a shiny new border. It’s like giving your work a little makeover.

Tips for Adding Border in Word

  • Be consistent with your border design throughout your document to maintain a professional look.
  • If you’re printing the document, make sure your printer settings are adjusted to prevent cutting off any part of the border.
  • Experiment with different border styles for different types of documents. A formal report might call for a simple, classic border, while a party invitation could have something more fun.
  • Use border colors that complement the other colors in your document for visual harmony.
  • If the border is too distracting or takes up too much space, consider using a thinner line or a lighter color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the border doesn’t print correctly?

Try adjusting your printer settings to include margins that accommodate the border.

Sometimes, printers have a margin setting that’s too wide and it chops off part of your border. Check the printer’s manual or settings to see if you can change the margin size.

Can I add a border to just one side of the page?

Yes, in the ‘Borders and Shading’ dialog box, you can select which sides of the page you want the border to appear on.

So if you just want a border at the top—no problem! Or maybe just on the sides? You can do that too.

How do I remove a border?

Go back into the ‘Page Borders’ dialog box and select ‘None’ to remove the border.

It’s as simple as clicking the ‘None’ box. This will take away the border, like it was never there.

Can I apply borders to images in Word?

Yes, select the image and you will have options to add a border in the ‘Picture Tools’ format tab.

Just like with text, you can make your images stand out with a nice border around them.

Can I use custom images as borders?

Word doesn’t directly support custom image borders, but you can create a border using images by inserting them into the header/footer and sizing them to fit.

It’s a bit more work, but it’s totally doable. You just need to get a little creative with how you place and size the images.


  1. Open the ‘Page Layout’ or ‘Design’ tab.
  2. Click on ‘Page Borders’.
  3. Choose your border style.
  4. Apply the border to the document.
  5. Adjust the border settings (optional).


There you have it, folks—a guide on how to put border in Word that’s as simple as pie. Whether you’re polishing up a report for school or adding some flair to a party invite, borders can really make your document stand out. Remember, the key is to find the right style that works for your document and makes it look snazzy without overwhelming the content. So go ahead, give it a try, and watch as your otherwise plain-looking pages transform into beautifully framed masterpieces. Happy bordering!

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