How to Convert Word 2019 to PDF: A Step-by-Step Guide

Converting Word 2019 documents to PDF format is a simple process that can be done within the Word application itself. This format change can make your document more accessible and easier to share with others. After reading this brief explanation, you will know exactly how to get your Word document into a PDF in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial: Convert Word 2019 to PDF

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand why you might want to convert a Word document to a PDF. PDFs are universal, meaning they can be opened and viewed the same way on any device. They are also generally more secure and can be password protected.

Step 1: Open the Word Document

First things first, you need to open the document you wish to convert.

Opening the document is as simple as double-clicking on it, or if it’s not readily accessible, you can open Word, go to the “File” tab, click “Open,” and navigate to where your document is stored.

Step 2: Click on ‘File’

Once your document is open, navigate to the top left corner of your screen and click on the “File” tab.

The “File” tab is your portal to a lot of the functions you’ll need in Word, including saving, opening, and converting files.

Step 3: Click on ‘Save As’

After clicking on “File”, you’ll see a list of options. Look for “Save As” and click on it.

“Save As” allows you to save your document in a different format than the current one, which is exactly what we’re looking to do here.

Step 4: Choose the Location to Save the File

You’ll be prompted to choose where you want to save your new PDF. Pick a spot that’s easy for you to remember.

It could be your desktop, a specific folder, or even a cloud service if you want to access your PDF from multiple devices.

Step 5: Select ‘PDF’ from the ‘Save as type’ Dropdown Menu

In the “Save As” window, you will see a dropdown menu labeled “Save as type.” Click on this and select “PDF.”

Selecting “PDF” from this menu is crucial as it’s what actually changes the format of your document from a Word file to a PDF.

Step 6: Name Your Document and Click ‘Save’

Finally, give your new PDF a name that will help you identify it, and then click on the “Save” button.

Naming your document something clear and descriptive is always a good idea, so you can find it easily later.

After you complete these steps, your Word document will be converted into a PDF. This new file will then be stored in the location you chose during the “Save As” process. Now, you can share your PDF with anyone you need to, and you can rest assured they’ll be able to view it just as you intended, no matter what type of device or operating system they’re using.

Tips for Convert Word 2019 to PDF

  • Make sure your Word document is finalized before converting to PDF, as editing a PDF is more complicated than editing a Word document.
  • Consider reducing the size of your PDF by compressing images before converting it if the file is too large.
  • Remember that hyperlinks in your Word document will remain clickable in the PDF.
  • If your Word document has comments or track changes, accept or reject them before converting to maintain a clean document.
  • Always preview your PDF after conversion to ensure all elements are displayed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I encounter an error while converting?

If you run into any issues, make sure you have the latest updates for Word 2019 installed, and try converting the document again.

Can I convert a Word document to PDF without Word 2019?

Yes, there are online converters and PDF software that can convert Word documents to PDF without using Word.

Will converting to PDF affect the formatting of my Word document?

The conversion process should maintain the formatting, but it’s always a good practice to check the PDF afterward to ensure everything looks correct.

Can I password protect my PDF?

Yes, you can set a password and other security options for your PDF in the “Options” menu found in the “Save As” dialogue.

Is it possible to convert multiple Word documents to PDF at once?

Yes, you can use batch conversion features in certain PDF software, or convert each document individually in Word 2019.


  1. Open the Word Document
  2. Click on ‘File’
  3. Click on ‘Save As’
  4. Choose the Location to Save the File
  5. Select ‘PDF’ from the ‘Save as type’ Dropdown Menu
  6. Name Your Document and Click ‘Save’


Converting a Word 2019 document to a PDF is a straightforward process that can be done within a few clicks. This capability is incredibly useful for ensuring your documents appear consistently across different platforms and devices. Whether you’re a student submitting an assignment, a professional sharing a report, or simply looking to secure your document’s format, converting to PDF is the way to go. Remember to check your PDF after conversion for any formatting issues, and take advantage of the ability to password-protect your document for added security. With the tips and frequently asked questions covered, you should now be equipped to handle this task with ease. So, go ahead and make the conversion – your PDF awaits!

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