How to Open a PDF in Word 2019: A Step-by-Step Guide

Opening a PDF in Word 2019 is a handy skill to have, especially when you want to edit a document that was initially created in a different format. The process is pretty straightforward: you simply need to open Word, navigate to the “File” menu, select “Open,” find your PDF file, and let Word do its magic by converting it into an editable Word document. Easy, right? Now, let’s dive into a more detailed step-by-step tutorial so you can become a pro at this.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Open a PDF in Word 2019

Before we start, it’s important to know that when you open a PDF in Word 2019, Word will convert the PDF into an editable Word document. While Word does a pretty good job at this, the conversion may not be perfect, and some formatting may be lost. But don’t worry – with a few tweaks, you can get your document looking just the way you want it.

Step 1: Open Word 2019

Open your Word 2019 application. You’ll be greeted with the start screen where you can choose to open a new document or an existing one.

Word 2019 is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, so if you have that installed, you’re all set. If you can’t find Word 2019, you might need to install it or look for it in your list of programs.

Step 2: Click on “File”

Once Word is open, look at the top left corner of the screen and click on the “File” tab. This will take you to the backstage area where all the magic happens.

The “File” menu is where you can create, save, open, and manage your documents. It’s like the control center for Word.

Step 3: Click on “Open”

In the “File” menu, you’ll see an option that says “Open.” Click on that to proceed to the next step.

“Open” is where you can access all the documents you’ve worked on recently, as well as navigate to specific locations on your computer or cloud storage to find the file you need.

Step 4: Browse and Select Your PDF

A new window will appear, allowing you to browse your computer for the PDF file you want to open. Navigate to the location of your PDF, select it, and click “Open.”

Remember that Word will convert your PDF into an editable document, so make sure you’re okay with that before proceeding.

Step 5: Let Word Convert the PDF

After you select your PDF and click “Open,” Word will take a moment to convert the PDF into an editable Word document.

The conversion process may take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the complexity and size of the PDF file. Be patient; Word is doing its best!

After the conversion, you’ll have a brand new Word document that you can edit to your heart’s content. Keep in mind that the formatting may not be perfect, so take a moment to go through the document and make any necessary adjustments.

What Happens After You Open a PDF in Word 2019

Once the conversion is complete, you’ll see your PDF as a Word document. You can now edit, format, and manipulate the content just like you would with any other Word document. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Tips for Opening a PDF in Word 2019

  • Ensure that your PDF is not protected or encrypted; otherwise, Word won’t be able to convert it.
  • Be aware that complex layouts, such as those with multiple columns or intricate designs, might not convert perfectly.
  • If you’re planning to edit the document extensively, consider saving it as a Word document (.docx) to preserve your changes.
  • Use the “Find” feature to quickly locate and adjust any formatting issues that may have occurred during the conversion.
  • Remember that Word 2019 can only open PDFs that consist of text. If your PDF contains only images, you’ll need to use OCR (optical character recognition) software first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert a PDF to Word 2019 without Word?

You need Word 2019 or an online converter tool to turn a PDF into an editable Word document. Without Word, you can’t do the conversion directly.

Will I lose any data when converting a PDF to a Word document?

While Word does a good job at converting PDFs, complex formatting might not transfer over perfectly. It’s always a good idea to double-check the converted document and make any necessary edits.

Can I convert a scanned PDF into a Word document using Word 2019?

Word 2019 has some OCR capabilities, but for best results, use dedicated OCR software before attempting to convert a scanned PDF into a Word document.

Is it possible to convert a PDF to Word 2019 on a Mac?

Yes, the process is similar on a Mac. Just ensure you have the latest version of Word installed.

Does converting a PDF to Word 2019 alter the original PDF file?

No, the original PDF remains unchanged. Word creates a separate, editable Word document based on the PDF’s contents.


  1. Open Word 2019.
  2. Click on “File.”
  3. Click on “Open.”
  4. Browse and select your PDF.
  5. Let Word convert the PDF.


Opening a PDF in Word 2019 really is a breeze once you get the hang of it. This nifty little trick can save you heaps of time and hassle when you need to make quick edits to a document that’s not originally in Word format. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of being a tech-savvy wizard in the office or at school?

Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you do it, the smoother the process will become. And if you hit a snag with formatting, don’t sweat it. It’s nothing a little tweaking can’t fix.

Now that you’re equipped with the know-how to open a PDF in Word 2019, go forth and conquer those documents with confidence! And hey, while you’re at it, why not share this newfound knowledge with a friend or colleague? Spread the word (pun intended) and help others master their document-editing game too. Happy editing!

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