How to Convert an Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 File to Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

To convert an Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 file to a Word file, you’ll need to export the Pagemaker file as a PDF, then convert the PDF to a Word document using a PDF to Word converter tool. It’s a straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps.

After completing the conversion, the Word file will retain much of the formatting and content from the original Pagemaker file, allowing you to edit and use the document as needed in Microsoft Word.


Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 was once a widely used desktop publishing program that helped users create various types of documents, such as newsletters, brochures, and posters. With the advent of more advanced design software and the eventual discontinuation of Pagemaker, users have found themselves with older files that are no longer easily accessible or editable. This is where the importance of converting these files into a more universally accepted format, like Microsoft Word, comes into play.

Not only does Word offer more modern editing capabilities, but it is also compatible with a broader range of devices and software. Whether you’re a longtime Pagemaker user with archived files or someone who’s inherited old Pagemaker documents, learning to convert these files into Word format is essential. This conversion process not only preserves the content but also facilitates easier sharing and collaboration. Let’s dive into how you can breathe new life into your Pagemaker files by converting them into Word.

Step by Step Tutorial to Convert Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 File to Word

Before starting the steps, know that converting your Pagemaker file to Word will allow you to edit and share your document more freely, as Word is widely used and accepted.

Step 1: Open your Pagemaker 6.5 file

Open the file in Adobe Pagemaker 6.5.
It’s crucial to make sure that all the content you want to convert is present and correct before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Export as PDF

Go to the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Export’ to save your Pagemaker file as a PDF.
Exporting the document as a PDF retains the formatting and layout of the original Pagemaker file, making the next steps more effective.

Step 3: Convert PDF to Word

Use an online PDF to Word converter tool to convert the exported PDF file into a Word document.
There are several online tools available for this purpose, such as Adobe Acrobat online services, Smallpdf, or Zamzar. Choose one that suits your needs and follow the instructions to upload and convert your PDF.


Preserved FormattingConverting from Pagemaker to Word via PDF helps to maintain the original layout and design of the document, ensuring consistency.
AccessibilityWord files are accessible on almost any device, making it easier to view and edit your documents no matter where you are.
EditabilityOnce in Word format, you have full access to Word’s robust editing tools, giving you more control over the final document.


Potential Formatting IssuesWhile most formatting is preserved, some complex layouts may not convert perfectly and could require manual adjustment.
Extra Conversion StepThe process requires converting to PDF before converting to Word, adding an additional step to the workflow.
Dependence on Conversion ToolsThe quality of the converted Word file can vary depending on the PDF to Word converter tool used, potentially affecting the document’s integrity.

Additional Information

When converting your Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 file to a Word document, a few additional tips could be handy. Always ensure that the PDF you export from Pagemaker is of high quality, as this will directly impact the quality of the Word file after conversion. Some PDF to Word converter tools offer options to customize the conversion process, such as selecting OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for scanned documents, which can help improve the accuracy of the text in the Word document.

Also, after conversion, it’s a good practice to review the Word file thoroughly to check for any formatting issues or missing content that might need fixing. This step is crucial when dealing with documents that contain complex layouts or numerous graphic elements. Remember, converting a Pagemaker file to a Word file could potentially make your life much easier, especially if you need to update or share older documents.


  1. Open your Pagemaker 6.5 file.
  2. Export the file as a PDF.
  3. Use an online converter tool to convert the PDF to a Word document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert a Pagemaker file directly to Word without using a PDF?

No, Adobe Pagemaker does not support direct export to Word format. The recommended method is to export as PDF and then convert the PDF to Word.

Will the Word file look exactly like the Pagemaker file?

The converted Word file should closely resemble the original Pagemaker file, but some minor formatting adjustments may be necessary.

Do I need Adobe Acrobat to convert the PDF to Word?

While Adobe Acrobat is an option, there are numerous free online tools available that can convert PDFs to Word documents.

What should I do if the formatting isn’t correct after conversion?

You may need to manually adjust the formatting in Word to match the original layout as closely as possible.

Can I convert a Pagemaker file that contains images to Word?

Yes, the conversion process should retain images in the document, but check the quality and positioning of images in the Word document after conversion.


Converting an Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 file to a Word document is a valuable skill that can help you revive old documents and bring them into a modern, more accessible format. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you’ll be able to ensure your Pagemaker files live on and remain useful. While there may be some hurdles in terms of formatting adjustments and relying on the quality of conversion tools, the benefits of having your documents in Word format—such as improved editability and accessibility—far outweigh these challenges. So, go ahead and give your outdated Pagemaker files a new lease on life by converting them to Word today!

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