How to Do Strikethrough in Word: 2024 Guide to Formatting Text

Strikethrough in Word is a formatting feature that allows you to draw a horizontal line through text, indicating that it’s been deleted or is no longer relevant. To quickly do a strikethrough in Word, you can use the shortcut key combination of “Ctrl + D” to open the Font dialog box, select the “Strikethrough” checkbox, and then click “OK”. It’s a simple task that can be accomplished in just a few clicks.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Do Strikethrough in Word

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that following these instructions will help you cross out text in your Word document, making it appear as though it’s been marked through with a pen.

Step 1: Highlight the Text

Select the text you want to apply the strikethrough to by clicking and dragging your mouse over it.

Highlighting text is the first step in applying any formatting changes in Word. Make sure you only select the text you want to strike out, as any formatting changes will apply to everything that’s highlighted.

Step 2: Open the Font Dialog Box

Press “Ctrl + D” on your keyboard to open the Font dialog box, where you can adjust various text settings.

The Font dialog box is where all the magic happens in terms of text formatting. It might look a little intimidating with all its options, but for now, we’re just focusing on the strikethrough feature.

Step 3: Check the Strikethrough Box

In the Font dialog box, find the “Strikethrough” option and click the checkbox next to it to enable the feature.

The strikethrough checkbox is usually located towards the bottom of the box. It’s a simple click to activate the feature, but it’s an easy step to miss if you’re not paying attention.

Step 4: Apply the Formatting

Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the Font dialog box to apply the strikethrough to the selected text.

After you click “OK”, you’ll see the selected text is now crossed out in your document. If you’ve made a mistake or changed your mind, you can always press “Ctrl + Z” to undo the action.

After completing these steps, you’ll see that the selected text in your Word document is now crossed out with a line, indicating that it’s been modified or is not valid without having to delete the actual text.

Tips for Strikethrough in Word

  • If you find yourself using strikethrough frequently, consider adding a strikethrough button to your Quick Access Toolbar for one-click access.
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + S” to bring up the “Apply Styles” dialog box, where you can type “Strikethrough” and press enter to apply the formatting.
  • Strikethrough can be combined with other text formatting options like bold or italic for added emphasis.
  • To remove the strikethrough, simply follow the same steps and uncheck the strikethrough option in the Font dialog box.
  • If you’re collaborating on a document, strikethrough is a helpful way to suggest edits without permanently altering the original text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a strikethrough without using the Font dialog box?

Yes, you can use the “Strikethrough” button in the “Font” group on the “Home” tab if you prefer not to use the shortcut key.

The “Home” tab is usually the default tab you see in Word, and the “Font” group is easy to find. Look for the button that has a little “abc” with a line through it—that’s your strikethrough button.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Word?

Yes, you can use “Alt + H + 4” as a keyboard shortcut to apply strikethrough to selected text.

Remember that keyboard shortcuts can vary depending on the version of Word you’re using, but “Alt + H + 4” is a standard combination for recent versions.

Can I strikethrough text in Word on a Mac?

Yes, the steps are similar, but instead of “Ctrl + D”, you’ll use “Command + D” to open the Font dialog box on a Mac.

Mac users have access to all the same Word features as Windows users, including strikethrough. The main difference is usually just the keys used in shortcut combinations.

Can I strikethrough multiple sections of text at once?

Absolutely, just highlight all the sections you want to strikethrough before opening the Font dialog box and applying the formatting.

You can use the “Ctrl” key (or “Command” key on a Mac) to select multiple, non-adjacent sections of text in your document.

How can I quickly remove strikethrough from text?

Select the text with strikethrough and press “Ctrl + Spacebar” to clear all formatting, including strikethrough.

“Ctrl + Spacebar” is a quick way to remove not just strikethrough but also any other formatting like bold, italic, or underline from your text.


  1. Highlight the text.
  2. Open the Font dialog box with “Ctrl + D”.
  3. Check the strikethrough box.
  4. Apply the formatting with “OK”.


Mastering how to do strikethrough in Word is a nifty skill that can greatly enhance your document editing capabilities. Whether you’re a student making notes, a professional tracking changes, or just someone who likes to keep their digital documents neat and organized, strikethrough is a feature you’ll want to have in your toolkit. Remember, it’s not just about crossing things out—it’s about clear communication. By striking through text, you can visually mark what’s been removed or changed without losing sight of the original content. So go ahead, give it a try, and strike through like a pro in Word!