How to Insert a Line in Word 2016: Step-by-Step Guide

Inserting a line in Word 2016 is a simple task that can be done in just a few steps. Whether you’re looking to create a separator between sections or just want to add some visual interest to your document, adding a line is a quick and easy way to accomplish this.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Insert a Line in Word 2016

Before we dive into the specific steps, it’s important to understand what we’re aiming to achieve. We’re going to add a horizontal line to a Word document, which can serve as a visual divider or just a design element.

Step 1: Place your cursor where you want the line

Start by clicking in the spot in your document where you’d like the line to appear. This is where the line will begin.

Adding a line in Word is not like drawing a line with a pen and paper. Instead, you’re telling the program to insert a pre-formatted horizontal line at the point where your cursor is located.

Step 2: Access the ‘Borders and Shading’ menu

Now that your cursor is in place, go to the ‘Home’ tab and look for the ‘Paragraph’ group. Click on the ‘Borders’ icon, which looks like a small square divided into four. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Horizontal Line.’

The ‘Borders and Shading’ menu gives you more control over the lines and borders in your document. Here, you can choose from a variety of line styles and even add a little flair with designs like stars or zigzags.

Step 3: Choose your line style

A small menu will appear with different line styles. Scroll through the options and click on the one you like. It will automatically be inserted into your document.

Each line style has its own unique look, so choose one that matches the tone and style of your document. Some lines are simple and understated, while others are bold and decorative.

Step 4: Adjust the line as needed

After you’ve inserted the line, you can adjust its length and alignment by clicking and dragging the edges. You can also format it further by right-clicking on the line and selecting ‘Format Horizontal Line.’

Adjusting the line is a matter of personal preference and the needs of your document. You can make it span the entire width of the page or keep it short and centered.

After you’ve followed these steps, you’ll have a professional-looking line in your Word document. It’s a great way to break up text, separate sections, or simply add a visual element to your work.

Tips: Getting the Most Out of Lines in Word 2016

  • Use lines sparingly to avoid cluttering your document.
  • Experiment with different line styles to find one that complements your document’s design.
  • Remember that lines can be resized and moved after they’re inserted, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect right away.
  • If you need to remove a line, simply click on it and hit the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard.
  • Lines can also be used to underline text for emphasis, just make sure it’s not too distracting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert a vertical line in Word 2016?

To insert a vertical line, you’ll need to use the ‘Shapes’ feature found under the ‘Insert’ tab. From there, select the ‘Line’ shape and draw it vertically on your document.

Can I change the color of the horizontal line I’ve inserted?

Yes, you can change the color by right-clicking on the line and selecting ‘Format Horizontal Line.’ From there, you can choose a new color from the palette.

Is it possible to add multiple lines at once?

While you can’t insert multiple lines simultaneously, you can copy and paste a line you’ve already inserted to quickly add additional ones.

Can I use keyboard shortcuts to insert a line in Word 2016?

There isn’t a direct keyboard shortcut to insert a line, but you can use the ‘—‘ (three hyphens) shortcut followed by ‘Enter’ to create a basic line.

How do I ensure my line is perfectly straight?

The lines inserted using the ‘Borders’ menu or the ‘Shapes’ feature are automatically straight. If you’re drawing a line freehand, hold down the ‘Shift’ key while drawing to keep it straight.


  1. Place your cursor where you want the line.
  2. Access the ‘Borders and Shading’ menu.
  3. Choose your line style.
  4. Adjust the line as needed.


Inserting a line in Word 2016 is a breeze once you know how. It’s a small detail that can have a big impact on the look and feel of your document. Whether you’re creating a report, a resume, or a newsletter, a well-placed line can enhance the readability and aesthetic appeal of your work. So go ahead and give it a try—experiment with different styles and placements until you find the perfect line for your project. And remember, if you ever get stuck, there are always tips and FAQs to help guide you through the process. Happy formatting!

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