How to Select All in Microsoft Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Selecting all the text in a Microsoft Word document is a breeze. Whether you’re looking to copy the entire document, format it uniformly, or simply delete everything in one go, you just need to know the right shortcut. Here’s a quick overview: Press “Ctrl + A” on your keyboard, and voila! Everything in your Word document is selected.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Select All in Microsoft Word

Before we jump into the steps, let’s clarify why you might want to select all. Maybe you’re wanting to change the font of the entire document, or you need to copy all the text to paste into another program. Whatever the reason, following these steps will get you there in no time.

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Word document

Open the document you want to work with.

Opening your document is the first step. Make sure you’re in the right one, especially if you have multiple documents open.

Step 2: Press “Ctrl + A” on your keyboard

This command will select all the text in your document.

“Ctrl + A” is the shortcut that tells Microsoft Word you want to select everything in the document. It’s much faster than dragging your mouse across the entire text.

After completing these steps, everything in your Word document will be highlighted. From here, you can perform any action that applies to text, like formatting, copying, or deleting.

Tips: Making the Most of Select All in Microsoft Word

  • If you’re using a Mac, the shortcut is “Command + A.”
  • After selecting all, any formatting changes you make will apply to the entire document.
  • Be cautious when using “Select All,” as any actions you take will affect the entire document.
  • If you only want to select a portion of the text, click and drag with your mouse, or hold down “Shift” and use the arrow keys.
  • Remember, you can always undo an action by pressing “Ctrl + Z” if you make a mistake after selecting all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if “Ctrl + A” isn’t working?

Make sure your keyboard is functioning correctly and that you’re pressing the keys simultaneously.

Can I select all in just a portion of the document?

Yes, simply highlight the specific area you want with your mouse or trackpad.

What happens if I accidentally delete everything after selecting all?

Don’t panic! Press “Ctrl + Z” to undo the action and restore your text.

Can I select all in other Microsoft Office programs using the same shortcut?

Absolutely! The “Ctrl + A” shortcut works in most of Microsoft’s applications.

Will “Select All” also select images and other non-text items?

Yes, it selects everything in the document, including text, images, and tables.


  1. Open your Microsoft Word document.
  2. Press “Ctrl + A” on your keyboard.


Selecting all the text in a Microsoft Word document is a fundamental skill that can save you a ton of time. Whether you’re editing, formatting, or simply organizing your document, knowing how to quickly select everything with a simple keyboard shortcut is invaluable. Remember to proceed with caution after selecting all to avoid accidentally losing your work, but also remember that the trusty “Undo” feature is there to save the day if needed. With this knowledge under your belt, you’re well on your way to becoming a more efficient Microsoft Word user. So the next time you need to select all, just press “Ctrl + A” and watch the magic happen.

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