How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge on an iPhone

Many of the websites that you visit on the Internet will display some types of ads. But if you find that the presence of these ads is taking away from your enjoyment of the site, then you might be looking for a way to turn them off.

Ad-blocking tools have existed for a while for desktop Web browsers, but blocking ads on your mobile device is a little trickier, especially if you have an iPhone.

Fortunately, the Microsoft Edge iPhone app includes an ad blocker that you can enable to start blocking ads on sites that you view in the Edge iPhone app.

How to Block Ads on Websites in Microsoft Edge iPhone App

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 11.4.2. The version of Microsoft Edge being used is the most current version available when this article was written.

Note that the default setting for blocking ads in Edge may mean that you still see some ads on certain websites. However, you can go into the Advanced Settings menu after you enable the ad blocker and turn off all ads completely.

Step 1: Open the Edge app on your iPhone.

edge iphone ad blocker

Step 2: Touch the menu button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

can i block ads on websites on an iphone

Step 3: Select the Settings option.

iphone ad blocker microsoft edge

Step 4: Choose the Content blockers option.

how to block ads on an iphone

Step 5: Tap the button to the right of Block ads to turn on the ad blocker.

how to block website ads in microsoft edge iphone

Note that this is only going to block ads that you see on websites in Microsoft Edge. This is not going to affect the display of ads in other iPhone browsers like Safari.

Now that you know how to block ads in the Microsoft Edge Web browser on your iPhone, you can take advantage of this feature to make your browsing experience a little less frustrating.

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