How to Get Help with Google Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting help with Google Ads can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re new to the game or just looking for a little guidance, there are plenty of resources available. This article will walk you through how to get the assistance you need so that your ads can start working for you.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Get Help with Google Ads

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to know that getting help with Google Ads can involve multiple methods. You can reach out directly to Google, tap into the vast knowledge of online communities, or even hire a professional to manage your campaigns. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Visit the Google Ads Help Center

The Google Ads Help Center is your first stop for any questions you have.

The Google Ads Help Center is a treasure trove of information. It has articles, guides, and troubleshooting tips that cover almost every aspect of Google Ads. Whether you’re having technical issues or just want to learn more about how to use the platform, this is the place to start.

Step 2: Use the Google Ads Support Contact Options

If you can’t find the answer in the help center, you can contact Google Ads support directly.

Google offers several support options including phone, email, and chat. The contact details are available on the Google Ads Help Center. You may need to log in to your Google Ads account to access some contact options.

Step 3: Join the Google Ads Community

The Google Ads Community is an online forum where you can ask questions and get advice from other advertisers.

The Google Ads Community is made up of users just like you, as well as Google Ads experts. It’s a great place to get practical advice, learn from others’ experiences, and keep up with the latest updates.

Step 4: Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are great places to get quick tips and advice.

Following Google Ads on social media not only keeps you informed about the latest features but also gives you an avenue to reach out for help. Many experts and experienced users are active on these platforms and willing to share their knowledge.

Step 5: Consider Hiring a Google Ads Professional

If you’re looking for more hands-on help, you might want to hire a Google Ads professional.

Google Ads professionals can manage your campaigns, provide tailored advice, and help you get the best results for your budget. You can find certified professionals through Google’s partner directory.

After completing these steps, you should have a better understanding of your Google Ads issues and the next steps to take. You may find the answer to your problem, learn something new, or decide to get a professional involved.

Tips for Getting Help with Google Ads

  • Always have your Google Ads account information handy when seeking help.
  • Be specific about your issue so others can provide better assistance.
  • Check out the latest Google Ads updates – your issue might be related to a recent change.
  • Be polite and patient when asking for help, especially in community forums.
  • Consider investing in Google Ads training or certification for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Ads Help Center?

The Google Ads Help Center is a comprehensive resource with articles and guides for using Google Ads.

Can I talk to someone directly at Google for help?

Yes, Google offers phone, email, and chat support for Google Ads users.

Is there a community for Google Ads users?

Yes, there is an active online Google Ads Community where you can ask questions and get advice.

Should I hire a Google Ads professional?

If you need more dedicated help, hiring a Google Ads professional can be a great option.

Are there courses I can take to learn more about Google Ads?

Yes, Google offers training and certification programs that can help you better understand how to use Google Ads.


  1. Visit the Google Ads Help Center
  2. Use the Google Ads support contact options
  3. Join the Google Ads Community
  4. Take advantage of social media
  5. Consider hiring a Google Ads professional


Navigating the world of Google Ads can be a bit like trying to find your way through a maze. But with a little help, you can start turning those confusing pathways into a clear route to success. Whether you’re a small business owner trying to make a name for yourself, or a marketer aiming to boost your client’s online presence, mastering Google Ads is essential in today’s digital landscape.

By now, you should feel armed with the knowledge of how to get help with Google Ads. Remember, there’s no shame in seeking assistance – even the most skilled advertisers had to start somewhere. The key is to be proactive, stay informed, and never stop learning. And who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be the one offering advice in the Google Ads Community or managing campaigns like a pro.

Keep experimenting, keep optimizing, and keep reaching for those high-performing ads that make your business soar. With the right help and a bit of persistence, your Google Ads can go from a source of frustration to a source of profit. Happy advertising!

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