How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of being bombarded by ads while trying to watch your favorite YouTube videos on your iPhone? Well, you’re not alone. Many iPhone users are looking for ways to enhance their viewing experience by blocking those pesky ads. In this article, I’ll show you how to do just that in a few simple steps. After all, who wants to be interrupted by an ad when they’re in the middle of a good video?

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that by blocking ads on YouTube, you’ll be able to watch videos without any interruptions. This can greatly improve your viewing experience, especially if you’re someone who watches a lot of videos on your iPhone.

Step 1: Download a Content Blocker from the App Store

Download and install a content blocker app from the App Store.

There are several content blocker apps available on the App Store that can block ads on YouTube. Some popular ones include AdBlock, AdGuard, and 1Blocker. These apps work by blocking the ad content before it even reaches your browser, giving you an ad-free experience.

Step 2: Enable the Content Blocker in Settings

Go to your iPhone’s Settings, tap on Safari, and then on Content Blockers.

After you’ve installed the content blocker app of your choice, you’ll need to enable it in your iPhone’s settings. This will allow the app to start blocking ads when you’re browsing the web or using the YouTube app.

Step 3: Open YouTube and Enjoy Ad-Free Videos

Open the YouTube app or website and start watching videos without ads.

Once you’ve enabled the content blocker, you should be able to watch YouTube videos without any ads interrupting your experience. Keep in mind that some content blockers may require you to customize their settings to your liking.

After completing these steps, you’ll be able to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone without being interrupted by ads. This can make your viewing experience much more enjoyable and allow you to focus on the content you love.

Tips: How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone

  • Consider supporting your favorite content creators through other means if you’re blocking ads, as ads are often their main source of income.
  • Keep your content blocker app updated to ensure it continues to block ads effectively.
  • Some content blockers offer additional features, such as tracking protection, so explore the settings to customize your browsing experience.
  • If you encounter any issues with the content blocker, try reaching out to the app’s support team for assistance.
  • Remember that not all ads can be blocked, and some websites may not function properly with a content blocker enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will blocking ads on YouTube affect the content creators?

Yes, blocking ads can impact content creators as they often rely on ad revenue.

Content creators on YouTube make money from the ads that are shown on their videos. By blocking these ads, you’re essentially cutting off their source of income. If you want to support your favorite content creators while still blocking ads, you might consider joining their Patreon, buying their merchandise, or using alternative methods of support.

Can I block ads on the YouTube app or just the website?

You can block ads on both the YouTube app and website with a content blocker.

Content blockers work system-wide on your iPhone, so they’ll block ads regardless of whether you’re using the YouTube app or accessing YouTube through a web browser.

Are content blockers safe to use?

Content blockers from reputable developers are generally safe to use.

As with any app, it’s important to download content blockers from trusted developers. Check the reviews and ratings on the App Store before downloading to ensure the app is reliable and safe.

Do content blockers work on other websites besides YouTube?

Content blockers can block ads on a wide range of websites, not just YouTube.

Content blockers are designed to block ads across the web, so you’ll benefit from an ad-free experience on most websites you visit. However, some websites have measures in place to detect and counteract content blockers.

Can I still use YouTube Premium if I have a content blocker?

Yes, you can still use YouTube Premium with a content blocker.

YouTube Premium is a paid service that offers an ad-free viewing experience, offline video downloads, and background play, among other features. Using a content blocker doesn’t affect your ability to use YouTube Premium.


  1. Download a content blocker app from the App Store.
  2. Enable the content blocker in your iPhone’s Settings.
  3. Open YouTube and enjoy ad-free videos.


In conclusion, blocking YouTube ads on your iPhone is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your video-watching experience. By following the easy steps outlined in this article, you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing and focus on the content you love. While it’s essential to consider the impact on content creators and possibly support them through other means, the freedom from ads is often worth it for many users. Remember to use a reputable content blocker and keep it updated for the best performance. If you’ve found this guide helpful, consider exploring other ways to optimize your iPhone’s functionality and take control of your digital experience. Happy ad-free viewing!

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