How to Use an Outlook Emoji Shortcut: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding a little flair to your emails can be as easy as using an emoji. And if you’re an Outlook user, you’re in luck! There’s a quick and simple shortcut that lets you add emojis to your emails without having to navigate through menus or copy and paste from other sources. Just a few keystrokes and you’ll have the perfect emoji to express your feelings, thoughts, or reactions. Let’s dive into how you can use this handy shortcut in Outlook.

Step by Step Tutorial: Using Outlook Emoji Shortcut

Before we get started, let’s understand what we’re aiming for here. By the end of these steps, you’ll be able to insert emojis into your Outlook emails quickly, using a keyboard shortcut. It’s a simple process that will save you time and make your emails more engaging.

Step 1: Compose a New Email or Reply to an Existing One

Start by opening Outlook and either creating a new email or replying to an existing one where you want to insert an emoji.

Once you have your email open, you’re ready to start adding some personality to your message. Make sure your cursor is at the spot where you want the emoji to appear.

Step 2: Press the Windows Key + Period (.) or Semicolon (;)

Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard, then press either the period (.) or semicolon (;) key.

This keyboard shortcut brings up the emoji panel on Windows 10 and Windows 11, which contains a vast array of emojis, sorted into categories. From smiley faces and animals to food and symbols, you’ll find everything you need to make your emails pop.

Step 3: Choose Your Emoji

Use your mouse or arrow keys to select the emoji you want to insert into your email.

Once you find the perfect emoji, click on it or press Enter, and voilà! The emoji will appear right where your cursor was placed in your email. You can add as many emojis as you like, and they’ll help convey your tone and add a visual element to your correspondence.

After completing these steps, you’ll see that your chosen emojis are now part of your email, ready to be sent off and brighten someone’s inbox. It’s that easy! Emojis can add a touch of warmth or fun to a message, and with this shortcut, you can use them effortlessly in Outlook.

Tips for Using Outlook Emoji Shortcut

  • Remember that not all emojis might be appropriate for professional emails. Choose wisely based on the context and the recipient.
  • If you’re not sure what an emoji means, look it up to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • You can use the search bar in the emoji panel to find specific emojis quickly.
  • Use emojis to complement your message, not replace words entirely. You want to be clear and understood.
  • Practice using the shortcut a few times so you can do it quickly without disrupting your email writing flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the emoji panel on a Mac?

Unfortunately, this specific keyboard shortcut is for Windows users. However, Mac users can press Command + Control + Spacebar to access the emoji panel.

Can I use this shortcut in other Microsoft Office applications?

Yes, this shortcut also works in other Office applications like Word and PowerPoint.

What should I do if the emoji panel doesn’t appear?

Make sure you’re using Windows 10 or later. If you are and it’s still not working, check your keyboard settings or update your system.

Are the emojis the same on all devices?

Emojis might look slightly different across different devices and platforms due to variations in design.

Can I add custom emojis to the panel?

No, the emoji panel features a set collection of emojis, and you can’t add custom ones to it.


  1. Open a new email or reply to an existing one.
  2. Press the Windows key + period (.) or semicolon (;).
  3. Choose and insert your emoji.


There you have it, a simple guide to using an Outlook emoji shortcut that will make your email correspondence more lively and expressive. Emojis are more than just fun little icons; they have become a language of their own, conveying emotions and nuances that sometimes words alone cannot. By using this shortcut, you can enhance your communication, making it more personal and engaging.

Of course, it’s essential to use emojis wisely, especially in professional settings. But when used appropriately, they can help build rapport, show empathy, and even clarify the tone of your message. Plus, they’re just plain fun! So next time you’re typing up an email in Outlook, remember this handy shortcut and let your personality shine through. Happy emailing!

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