How to Get Emojis on iPad Magic Keyboard: A Simple Guide

Getting emojis on your iPad Magic Keyboard is a breeze. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps: press a combination of keys, navigate the on-screen menu, and select your desired emoji. It’s easy to spice up your messages and documents with a dash of fun and expression.

How to Get Emojis on iPad Magic Keyboard

With the following steps, you’ll be able to access and use emojis directly from your iPad Magic Keyboard, enhancing your communication with a touch of personality.

Step 1: Open an App with a Text Field

Open any app on your iPad that has a text field, like Notes or Messages.

By opening an app with a text field, you ensure you have a place to insert the emojis. This could be any app where you usually type, making it easy to follow along.

Step 2: Press the Globe Key or Control + Space

Press the Globe key on the bottom left of your iPad Magic Keyboard or press Control + Space at the same time.

These keyboard shortcuts are designed to quickly bring up the emoji keyboard. The Globe key or Control + Space acts like a portal to the emoji universe.

Step 3: Select Emoji from the Emoji Keyboard

Once the emoji keyboard appears, scroll through and tap on the emoji you want to use.

You’ll see a wide range of emojis divided into categories. You can scroll to find the perfect emoji that matches your mood or message.

Step 4: Insert the Emoji into Your Text

Tap the emoji to insert it into your text field where your cursor is positioned.

After selecting an emoji, it will appear directly in the text field. This makes it super straightforward to add a splash of color to your text.

Step 5: Continue Typing or Close the Emoji Keyboard

Continue typing your message, or if you’re done with emojis, press the Globe key or Control + Space again to return to the regular keyboard.

Knowing how to switch back and forth between the emoji keyboard and regular keyboard ensures you can smoothly continue your conversation or document without interruption.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a fun and expressive emoji right in your text. This new skill will let you add a personal touch to your messages and documents.

Tips for Getting Emojis on iPad Magic Keyboard

  • Use Shortcuts: Remember the Globe key and Control + Space shortcuts to quickly access emojis.
  • Search for Emojis: If you can’t find a specific emoji, use the search bar at the top of the emoji keyboard.
  • Favorites: Frequently used emojis will appear in the “Recents” category for easy access.
  • Explore Categories: Emojis are grouped into categories like Smiley & People, Animals & Nature, making it easier to find what you need.
  • Third-Party Keyboards: Consider installing third-party keyboards for even more emoji options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my keyboard doesn’t have a Globe key?

If your keyboard lacks a Globe key, use the Control + Space shortcut to access the emoji keyboard.

How do I switch between languages and emojis?

Press the Globe key or Control + Space to toggle between language keyboards and the emoji keyboard.

Can I add emojis using voice commands?

Currently, voice commands for inserting emojis are not supported on iPad. You’ll need to use the keyboard.

Why don’t emojis appear correctly?

Ensure your iPad and the recipient’s device are up to date, as software versions can affect emoji compatibility.

How can I use multiple emojis quickly?

After selecting one emoji, tap the Globe key or Control + Space again to quickly add more emojis into your message.


  1. Open an app with a text field.
  2. Press the Globe key or Control + Space.
  3. Select emoji from the emoji keyboard.
  4. Insert the emoji into your text.
  5. Continue typing or close the emoji keyboard.


Adding emojis to your iPad Magic Keyboard messages is a quick and easy way to make your communications more lively and expressive. By following the steps outlined, you’ll be able to access the emoji keyboard in no time, making your texts, emails, and notes more fun and engaging.

Using emojis is like adding a splash of color to a black-and-white picture—it brings your words to life. They can convey emotions, ideas, and humor in a way that plain text sometimes can’t. So why not start using emojis today? By keeping the tips and FAQs in mind, you’ll become a pro at this in no time. For further reading, you might explore other iPad keyboard shortcuts and third-party keyboard apps for a more personalized typing experience. Happy typing!

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