How to Update Emojis on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updating emojis on your iPhone is a breeze! All you need to do is ensure your device is updated to the latest iOS version. Once you’ve updated, voilà, you’ll have access to all the new and exciting emojis to add flair to your messages.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Update Emojis on iPhone

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of updating your emojis, understand that updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version is the key to unlocking the latest emojis. Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Check your current iOS version

Go to Settings > General > About and look for ‘Software Version’.

Knowing your current iOS version is crucial since new emojis are typically introduced with the latest iOS updates. If your device is not running the latest version, you won’t have access to the new emojis.

Step 2: Back up your iPhone

Before updating, back up your iPhone using iCloud or your computer.

It’s always good practice to back up your device before updating the software to prevent data loss.

Step 3: Update your iPhone

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and tap ‘Download and Install’ if an update is available.

This is where the magic happens! By updating your iPhone, you’re not only improving its performance and security but also getting those shiny new emojis.

Step 4: Enjoy your new emojis

Once your phone has updated and restarted, check out your new emojis by opening your keyboard.

After updating, you can enjoy expressing yourself with all the new and diverse emojis available at your fingertips.

After completing these steps, your iPhone will be updated, and you’ll be able to use the new emojis in your messages, social media, and any app that supports them.

Tips: Enhancing Your Emoji Experience on iPhone

  • Ensure your apps are updated to support the latest emojis.
  • If you can’t find a specific emoji, use the search feature in your keyboard.
  • Customize your frequently used emojis in the keyboard settings.
  • Explore third-party keyboards that offer even more emoji options.
  • Have fun with Animojis or Memojis that mimic your facial expressions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are new emojis released?

New emojis are typically released once a year.

Emoji updates are usually part of the Unicode Consortium’s annual release, and Apple tends to incorporate them in iOS updates shortly afterward.

What if I don’t see new emojis after updating?

Make sure your apps are also updated, as they need to support the new emojis.

Sometimes, it takes a little while for app developers to update their apps to support the latest emojis, so be patient or reach out to the app developers for updates.

Can I add more emojis than what Apple provides?

Yes, through third-party keyboards and apps, you can access additional emojis.

There are plenty of third-party apps that offer a wide range of emojis and stickers to supplement your emoji keyboard.

Why can’t my friends see the new emojis I send?

They likely haven’t updated their device to the latest iOS version.

Emoji visibility can be an issue if the receiver’s device doesn’t support the latest emojis, so encourage them to update their device as well.

Are emoji updates available for older iPhones?

As long as your iPhone can update to the latest iOS version, you can get new emojis.

However, bear in mind that older iPhone models may not support the latest iOS updates at some point, which would limit access to new emojis.


  1. Check your current iOS version.
  2. Back up your iPhone.
  3. Update your iPhone.
  4. Enjoy your new emojis.


Updating emojis on your iPhone is a simple yet exciting process. It gives your digital conversations a fresh burst of expression and fun. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll stay on top of the emoji game, ensuring that you always have the latest and greatest at your fingertips. Remember, staying updated isn’t just about emojis—it’s about ensuring your device runs smoothly and securely too.

In our digital age, emojis have become a language of their own, conveying emotions and nuances that words sometimes can’t. With each update, we see a more inclusive and diverse range of emojis, reflecting the world we live in. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your digital communication. Update your iPhone, explore the new emojis, and express yourself in colorful and creative ways. Happy texting!

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