Redirecting Emails in Outlook: How to Forward to Another Address

Redirecting emails to another address in Outlook is a simple process that can save you a lot of time and hassle. Whether you’re going on vacation or just want to keep your inbox organized, setting up a redirect can ensure that important emails never get missed. All you need to do is access your Outlook settings and create a rule that tells Outlook where to send your emails.

Step by Step Tutorial: Redirecting Emails in Outlook

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand what we are trying to achieve. By setting up a redirect, you’re telling Outlook to automatically send incoming emails to a different email address. This can be handy if you’re temporarily unable to check your primary email or if you want to streamline your email management.

Step 1: Open Outlook Rules

Open Outlook and click on the ‘Rules’ button in the toolbar.

Outlook’s Rules function is where you can manage all sorts of automatic actions for your emails, like moving them to specific folders, marking them as read, or, in our case, redirecting them to another email address.

Step 2: Create a New Rule

Select ‘Manage Rules & Alerts’ from the dropdown menu, and then click on ‘New Rule.’

This will open up the Rules Wizard, where you can specify the conditions and actions for your new rule.

Step 3: Choose a Template

In the ‘Start from a blank rule’ section, select ‘Apply rule on messages I receive’ and click ‘Next.’

This tells Outlook that you want to create a rule that affects incoming messages.

Step 4: Set Conditions

Choose any conditions you want to apply, or leave them all unchecked to apply the rule to all incoming emails. Click ‘Next.’

If you only want to redirect emails from a specific person or with certain words in the subject, this is where you’d specify that.

Step 5: Select ‘Redirect It’

In the ‘What do you want to do with the message?’ section, check the box that says ‘redirect it to people or public group.’

This is the key part of the rule that sets up the redirect.

Step 6: Enter the Redirect Address

Click on the ‘people or public group’ link in the bottom panel, enter the email address you want to redirect your emails to, and click ‘Next.’

Make sure you enter the correct email address to avoid sending your messages to the wrong place!

Step 7: Finish the Rule

Add any exceptions if needed, name your rule, and make sure ‘Turn on this rule’ is checked. Click ‘Finish.’

You can add exceptions for certain messages that you don’t want to be redirected. Naming your rule something clear and memorable will help you manage it later.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your emails will start being redirected to the specified address. You can relax, knowing that you won’t miss any important communications, even if you’re not checking your main email account.

Tips for Redirecting Emails in Outlook

  • Make sure you double-check the email address you are redirecting to; a simple typo could cause you to miss important emails.
  • Consider setting up an automatic reply on your main account to inform people that you’re redirecting emails, especially if it’s temporary.
  • Be mindful of any sensitive information being redirected; ensure the alternative email address is secure.
  • Remember that redirecting means the emails won’t appear in your primary inbox; they’ll only be in the inbox of the redirected address.
  • You can set up multiple redirects if needed, but keep track of them to avoid confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a time frame for the redirect?

Yes, you can specify a date range for the redirect within the rule settings, which is perfect for temporary situations like vacations.

Will redirected emails still appear in my main inbox?

No, once an email is redirected, it will not appear in your main inbox. It will only be accessible through the redirected email address.

Can I redirect emails to more than one address?

Outlook allows you to redirect emails to multiple addresses. You’ll just need to add multiple ‘people or public groups’ in the rule settings.

Is there a way to keep a copy of redirected emails in my main inbox?

Outlook’s ‘forward’ option will send a copy of the email to another address while keeping the original in your inbox. If you want to keep a copy, use ‘forward’ instead of ‘redirect.’

Can I edit or delete a redirect rule?

Absolutely! You can manage all your rules in the ‘Manage Rules & Alerts’ section. Here you can edit the conditions or actions of a rule or delete it entirely.


  1. Open Outlook Rules
  2. Create a New Rule
  3. Choose a Template
  4. Set Conditions
  5. Select ‘Redirect It’
  6. Enter the Redirect Address
  7. Finish the Rule


Redirecting emails in Outlook can be a real game-changer, especially for those who juggle multiple email accounts or are heading out on vacation. It’s a straightforward process that requires just a few clicks, but the peace of mind it can provide is invaluable. Just remember to check the redirected inbox regularly to ensure you’re not missing out on anything crucial. With the capability to redirect to multiple addresses, set specific conditions, and even determine the duration of the redirect, Outlook gives you ample control over your email management. So go ahead, give it a try, and take one more step towards seamless email communication.

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