how to change lap length on the nike gps watch

How to Change Lap Length on the Nike GPS Watch

Your Nike GPS watch is pretty customizable, despite the lack of control that you have directly from the watch. This is because most of the settings for the Nike watch can only be performed while the watch is connected to your computer via the included USB cable. Then, when the device is recognized by the … Read more

how to change your weight on the nike gps watch

How to Change Your Weight on the Nike GPS Watch

When you initially configured your Nike + GPS watch, one of the questions that you were asked during setup required you to enter your weight. The watch then uses your weight as part of its’ formula for calculating the number of calories that you burned during your run. For people that pay close attention to … Read more

how does the nike gps watch work

How Does the Nike GPS Watch Work

When I first started running, all I was concerned about was losing weight and not hurting myself. However, as I ran more and more, my focus started to shift. Suddenly I was looking for ways to extend my distance, increase my speed and improve my stride so that I could run faster and further while … Read more

Nike+ GPS watch review

Nike+ GPS Watch Review

My initial impression while doing this Nike + GPS watch review was that it looked a lot cooler than any other GPS watch I have seen. The external coloring of the watch is black, while the underside of the band is lime green. There’s a lime green button on the side that you use to … Read more