Things an iPad Can Do That an iPhone Can’t: A Comprehensive List

Ah, the eternal Apple debate: iPad or iPhone? While the iPhone is the go-to for calls and texts, the iPad has a few tricks up its sleeve that the iPhone just can’t match. In this article, we’ll dive into the unique capabilities of the iPad, highlighting the features that set it apart from its smaller counterpart. Get ready to discover the things an iPad can do that an iPhone can’t.

Step by Step Tutorial: Unlocking the Unique Features of an iPad

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about what you’ll gain by following these steps. You’ll learn how to leverage the iPad’s larger screen, powerful processor, and exclusive apps to enhance your productivity, creativity, and entertainment experiences.

Step 1: Explore Multitasking Capabilities

Start by opening two apps at the same time in Split View.
The iPad’s larger screen makes multitasking a breeze. With the Split View feature, you can work on a document while simultaneously browsing the web or watching a video. This isn’t something you can do on an iPhone, as its screen size limits the ability to effectively use multiple apps at once.

Step 2: Take Advantage of Apple Pencil

Connect the Apple Pencil to your iPad to begin using it.
The Apple Pencil transforms your iPad into a digital canvas or notepad. It’s perfect for artists or note-takers who want precision that a finger on an iPhone’s screen simply can’t provide. Plus, there are specific apps designed for the Apple Pencil that aren’t available on the iPhone.

Step 3: Experience Enhanced Gaming

Download and play games that are exclusive to the iPad.
Gaming on an iPad is a whole different ballgame. With a larger display and more powerful graphics, certain games are only available on the iPad. Plus, the iPad supports console-quality games that the iPhone’s hardware can’t handle.

Step 4: Utilize Professional Apps

Install apps like Adobe Photoshop or Procreate that are made for the iPad.
For the professionals out there, the iPad supports software that’s typically found on desktops. Apps like Adobe Photoshop and Procreate offer full features on the iPad, unlike their limited iPhone versions. This is a game-changer for graphic designers and photographers who want to work on the go.

Step 5: Enjoy Enhanced Reading and Viewing

Use the iPad’s larger screen to read eBooks and watch videos.
Lastly, the iPad’s screen size makes it ideal for reading eBooks, PDFs, and watching high-definition videos. The experience is much more immersive than on an iPhone, and it’s less strain on your eyes during long sessions.

After completing these steps, you’ll have unlocked the full potential of your iPad, making it a powerhouse for multitasking, creativity, entertainment, and professional work that your iPhone simply can’t replicate.

Tips for Maximizing the Unique Capabilities of Your iPad

  • Get a keyboard case to transform your iPad into a laptop replacement for typing-intensive tasks.
  • Explore the vast array of iPad-exclusive apps on the App Store to fully utilize its capabilities.
  • Use Split View and Slide Over features to drag and drop files between apps for enhanced productivity.
  • Customize your iPad’s Control Center to quickly access the features and settings you use most.
  • Invest in a good-quality screen protector to keep your iPad’s display pristine, especially when using the Apple Pencil.

Frequently Asked Questions About iPad Capabilities

Can the iPad make phone calls like an iPhone?

Yes, if you have an iPad with cellular capabilities, you can make phone calls using your carrier’s network. Additionally, you can use FaceTime and third-party apps like Skype or WhatsApp to make calls over Wi-Fi.

Is there anything an iPhone can do that an iPad can’t?

While the iPad has many unique features, the iPhone’s portability allows for features like Apple Pay in stores, which isn’t available on all iPad models. The iPhone is also typically the first to receive new hardware updates, like the latest cameras.

Can the iPad run all the same apps as the iPhone?

Most iPhone apps are available on the iPad, but some are optimized specifically for the iPhone’s smaller screen and won’t work as well on the iPad. Conversely, many apps are designed exclusively for the iPad to take advantage of its larger display and power.

Can I use the iPad as a secondary display for my Mac?

Yes, with the Sidecar feature, you can use your iPad as a secondary display or a drawing tablet for your Mac, a feature that’s not available for the iPhone.

Can the iPad replace a laptop?

For many users, the iPad can serve as a laptop replacement, especially when paired with a keyboard and trackpad. However, it may not replace a laptop for users who rely on specific desktop software that isn’t available on the iPad.

Summary of the Steps to Utilize Your iPad’s Unique Features

  1. Open two apps in Split View for multitasking.
  2. Connect and use the Apple Pencil for precision tasks.
  3. Download iPad-exclusive and console-quality games.
  4. Install professional apps like Adobe Photoshop.
  5. Use the larger screen for an immersive reading and viewing experience.


The iPad is not just a bigger iPhone; it’s a versatile device that caters to a wide range of needs. From artists sketching with the Apple Pencil to professionals editing videos on the fly, the iPad offers functionalities that the iPhone, with its size constraints, simply cannot. As technology continues to advance, who knows what other amazing things an iPad can do that an iPhone can’t?

For now, it’s safe to say that the iPad holds its own as a powerful tool in the Apple ecosystem, offering users a unique and enriching experience. So, whether you’re a creative, a gamer, a reader, or a multitasker, the iPad has something special just for you.

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