How to Put an iPad in Sleep Mode

One of the fastest ways to drain your iPad’s battery life is by keeping the screen on. Therefore, if you are concerned about ensuring that your iPad battery lasts the entire day, it’s a good idea to keep the screen off, or in sleep mode, whenever you aren’t actively using the device. While there isn’t … Read more

How to Show or Hide the Tab Bar on an iPad

When you browse on a mobile device like your iPhone or iPad, it’s possible for you to have multiple tabs open at once. Typically you may be used to touching the Tabs button and navigating between those tabs from that menu, but your iPad can actually show a tab bar at the top of the … Read more

start backing your iPad up in iCloud

How to Enable an iCloud Backup on an iPad

It is helpful to create regular backups of your computers and devices, and Apple has made it possible to create automatic backups of your iPhone and iPad. These backups can occur wirelessly, and can even back up to iCloud so that you do not need to worry that you only have a local copy of … Read more

disable ipad safari suggestions

How to Turn Off Safari Suggestions on an iPad

The Safari browser on your iPad has its own menu that offers a number of different settings. If you are on that menu, you may find yourself asking “What are Safari Suggestions?” This is a feature in Safari that will offer suggestions for other apps or websites that are related to a search query that … Read more

tap red circle next to emoji

How to Disable iOS 9 Emojis on an iPad 2

Last updated: February 10, 2017 The iOS 9 emojis library included a couple of new updates from earlier versions of the operating system. ¬†Emojis on iOS 9 are a fun and simple way to add some emotion to text messages, which may not otherwise be¬†easy to convey with traditional characters and punctuation. Most new iPhone … Read more