How to Enable an iCloud Backup on an iPad

It is helpful to create regular backups of your computers and devices, and Apple has made it possible to create automatic backups of your iPhone and iPad. These backups can occur wirelessly, and can even back up to iCloud so that you do not need to worry that you only have a local copy of […]

How to Turn Off Safari Suggestions on an iPad

The Safari browser on your iPad has its own menu that offers a number of different settings. If you are on that menu, you may find yourself asking “What are Safari Suggestions?” This is a feature in Safari that will offer suggestions for other apps or websites that are related to a search query that […]

How to Change an App’s Badge Icon Setting on an iPad

iPad notifications come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, you might not even realize that certain features on your iPad are technically notifications. One such feature is the Badge App Icon, which is a small red circle with a number inside of it. This icon appears at the corner of an app’s […]

How to Upgrade iCloud Storage on an iPad in iOS 9

You can store a large number of files in iCloud from an iPad, as every Apple ID gets 5 GB of space for free. But as you start to accumulate more files on your devices, you may discover that this storage space is no longer sufficient. I mainly use iCloud for my device backups, and […]

How to Disable FaceTime on an iPad in iOS 9

Your iPad has much of the same functionality as an iPhone, including the ability to send and receive text messages. But it can also enable you to make video or audio calls through the FaceTime app. However, if you have a child or an employee that uses the iPad, you may not want them to […]

Where is the Check Spelling Option on My iPad?

The spell checker on iPads and iPhones can be very useful if you have difficulty typing accurately on your mobile device. When a word is spelled incorrectly, the iOS device will underline it in red. You can then tap on the underlined word and select from a few options that the device though you actually […]

How to Disable iOS 9 Emojis on an iPad 2

Last updated: February 10, 2017 The iOS 9 emojis library included a couple of new updates from earlier versions of the operating system.  Emojis on iOS 9 are a fun and simple way to add some emotion to text messages, which may not otherwise be easy to convey with traditional characters and punctuation. Most new iPhone […]

How to Show Text Messages on the iPad Lock Screen

Your iPhone and iPad can interact with each other effectively with the help of your Apple ID and iCloud. One interaction that you may find useful involves the ability for you to receive iMessages on both your iPhone and your iPad, meaning that you can continue to use your iPad without switching devices if you […]

How to Get Rid of Lowercase Letters on the iPad Keyboard

One change from iOS 9 that I personally dislike is how the keyboard switches between upper and lowercase letters. I have written about turning off the lowercase keyboard on the iPhone, and the process for doing it on the iPad is fairly similar. There isn’t a rational reason why I dislike it, just something about the […]

How to Remove the Badge App Icon from Mail on an iPad

We have previously written about removing the red number from the Mail icon on an iPhone, which is a task that can be completed for almost every app on your device. You are also able to remove that number, called a Badge App icon, from the Mail app on your iPad. The Badge App icon appears […]