Ways to Delete Multiple Emails on an iPad: Quick and Easy Tips

Deleting multiple emails on your iPad is a breeze with just a few taps. Simply open your Mail app, select ‘Edit’, tap on the emails you want to delete, and then hit ‘Trash’. And voilà, your inbox is cleaner!

After completing these actions, all selected emails will be moved to the Trash folder. They will remain there for a set period (usually 30 days) before being permanently deleted, unless you decide to manually empty the trash beforehand.


Let’s face it, email can be overwhelming. With the constant influx of messages, promotions, newsletters, and updates, our inboxes can quickly become cluttered. This is where the ability to efficiently manage and delete multiple emails on your iPad comes in handy. It’s not just about cleaning up your inbox, it’s about staying organized and maintaining your sanity!

If you’re an iPad user, chances are you’re on-the-go and need to manage your emails quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or just someone who likes to keep their digital life tidy, knowing how to delete multiple emails on your iPad is essential. No more swiping email by email – let’s get your inbox to a manageable state with a few simple steps.

Step by Step Tutorial: Deleting Multiple Emails on an iPad

Before we dive into the steps, know that by following this tutorial, you will be able to select and delete multiple emails at once, saving you time and keeping your inbox neat.

Step 1: Open Your Mail App

Access the Mail app by tapping on its icon on your iPad’s home screen.

Opening the app will bring you to your main inbox or the last email account you viewed. Make sure you’re in the correct account’s inbox if you have multiple email accounts linked to your Mail app.

Step 2: Select ‘Edit’

Tap on the ‘Edit’ button located in the upper-right corner of your inbox.

Once in edit mode, you’ll notice small circles appear next to each email, indicating that you can now select them.

Step 3: Tap on Emails to Delete

Select the emails you wish to delete by tapping on the circles next to them.

As you tap on each email, a checkmark will appear, signifying that it has been selected for deletion. You can select as many emails as you want.

Step 4: Press ‘Trash’

After selecting all the emails you want to delete, tap the ‘Trash’ button.

This action will move the selected emails to the Trash folder. You can find the ‘Trash’ button typically located at the bottom-right corner once you’ve selected at least one email.


Time EfficiencyDeleting multiple emails at once saves a significant amount of time compared to individually swiping or selecting each email.
Improved OrganizationBy removing clutter from your inbox, you can focus on the emails that actually matter and keep your inbox organized.
Decreased StressA clean inbox can decrease stress and anxiety associated with a constant influx of emails and digital clutter.


Accidental DeletionThere’s a risk of accidentally deleting important emails when selecting multiple emails at once. Always double-check before pressing ‘Trash’.
No Undo ButtonUnlike some email platforms, there is no immediate ‘undo’ option after deleting multiple emails. You’d need to go to the Trash folder to recover them.
Not Selective by ThreadThe functionality doesn’t allow for deletion by email thread or conversation, which means you have to select emails individually even if they are part of a single conversation.

Additional Information

While the steps above have given you the basic knowledge on how to delete multiple emails on your iPad, there are a few additional tips worth mentioning. For instance, if you find yourself with hundreds of emails to delete, you can tap on “Select All” after pressing ‘Edit’ to quickly select every email in your inbox. But be cautious, as this will include emails you may want to keep.

Another tip is to regularly organize your emails into folders, which can make the process of bulk deletion more manageable and less risky in terms of losing important correspondence. Also, don’t forget the search function in your Mail app, which can help you find specific emails that might be buried under the pile.

Lastly, consider adjusting your notification settings. If you receive fewer non-essential notifications, you’ll likely have fewer emails to delete. It’s about preventive measures as much as it is about clean-up!


  1. Open the Mail app on your iPad.
  2. Tap ‘Edit’ in the upper-right corner of your inbox.
  3. Select the emails you wish to delete.
  4. Press the ‘Trash’ button to move them to the Trash folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover emails after I’ve deleted them?

Yes, deleted emails are moved to the Trash folder, where they stay for a period before being permanently deleted. You can recover them by moving them out of the Trash.

Is it possible to delete all emails at once?

If you choose ‘Select All’ after pressing ‘Edit’, you can delete all emails in your inbox at once. Be cautious with this approach to avoid deleting emails you need.

Can I delete emails from multiple accounts at the same time?

No, you’ll need to switch to each email account and repeat the deletion process.

Will these steps work for any email provider?

Yes, these steps apply to the Mail app on your iPad, regardless of your email provider.

How can I prevent my inbox from getting so full?

Consider unsubscribing from newsletters you don’t read, using filters, and regularly organizing your emails into folders.


Keeping your inbox organized by deleting multiple emails on your iPad shouldn’t be a battle. With the steps and tips provided, you can swiftly manage your emails and keep digital clutter at bay. Remember, it’s not just about deleting; it’s also about managing your emails in a way that prevents the overwhelm from occurring in the first place.

So go ahead, give your inbox the attention it deserves, and enjoy the calmness that comes with a clean, organized digital space.

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