How to Stop the iPad from Automatically Capitalizing the First Letter

There are a number of different features that are enabled by default on your iPad which are meant to make it easier to use. But sometimes these convenience features can prove to be a little unnecessary.

One such feature is the auto-capitalization that the iPad has enabled by default.

This feature is evident when you are trying to type in certain apps, such as Notes or Mail, and the first letter of a sentence will automatically be capitalized.

If you do not want to use this setting, then you can follow our short tutorial below to disable auto-capitalization on your iPad.

Turn off Auto-Capitalization on the iPad

This tutorial was written on an iPad 2 using the iOS 7 operating system.

If you are using an iPad with an earlier version of the operating system, you can read this article instead.

Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings menu

Step 2: Select the General option at the left side of the screen.

open the general menu

Step 3: Touch the Keyboard option.

select the keyboard option

Step 4: Touch the button to the right of Auto-Capitalization to turn the feature off. You will know that the setting is disabled when there is no green shading around the slider button, as in the image below.

how to turn off auto capitalization on the iPad

Now that you know how to stop your iPad from automatically capitalizing the first letter after punctuation, you can take more control over some of the formatting that is applied to the content that you type.

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