Why Is My iPad Keyboard at the Center of the Screen?

You can customize many aspects of your iPad if you need to change something about the user experience. Some of these changes are fairly obvious to locate and modify, but others can be more difficult to find, or can even be enabled by accident. One such issue may arise if you find that your iPad […]

How to Show the Favorites Bar in Safari on the iPad 2

Bookmarks are a helpful way to quickly navigate to your favorites sites on an iPad. One way to find your favorite bookmarks is by touching the book icon at the top of the Safari browser, then select the Favorites option and open the site that you want to visit. But you can make this even […]

How to Reduce Text Size on the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 has a lot of different configurable settings, as the default usage experience on the tablet is not ideal for every person that uses the tablet. One such option that you can control is the size of the text that is displayed in locations such as menus, emails, and Web pages. If┬ásomeone else […]

How to Get Rid of Auto-Correct Voice on iPad 2

Does your iPad speak auto-corrections whenever it replaces a word, or capitalizes something that you are typing? This is a feature that many people dislike, but it can be difficult to find the location where you need to go to disable it. Fortunately it is something that you can turn off, and it is found […]

Why Can’t I Use Tabs in Safari on My iPad 2?

In many ways the iPad and the iPhone are very similar, but there are some usability differences between the two devices. One of these differences is the ability to use tabs when browsing with the Safari browser on your iPad 2. But if you are not able to use tabs in Safari on your iPad […]

How to Update to iOS 8 on an iPad 2

Compatible Apple devices can be updated to iOS 8, and the iPad 2 is one of the devices that can receive the update. If you have not yet downloaded and installed iOS 8 on your device, then you might be curious about where to go to begin the process. Our short guide below will walk […]

How to Stop Showing Calendar Events on the iPad 2 Lock Screen

Using the Calendar app on your iPad and iPhone is a simple way to make sure that you are always alerted to events that you have saved. Your calendar will notify you shortly before an event is about to begin, in an effort to help you remember those events. But anyone with access to your […]

View All of Your Purchased iTunes Songs on an iPad

Do you want to be able to┬ásee all of the music that you have bought with your iTunes account? You can do this in the Music app on the device, after you turn on a setting called Show All Music. This will modify the Music app on your iPad to show all of the songs […]

Why Is My iPad Keyboard Split Into Two Pieces?

The iPad can be a little difficult to type on, which can be problematic when you need to return a bunch of emails. Because of this reason, there is an option on the iPad that allows you to split the keyboard into two pieces, with one on each side of the screen. This makes it […]

How to Change Time on an Alarm on an iPad 2

One of the features on the iPad 2 is a clock app that includes an alarm option. You can configure iPad alarms to go off at any time during the day, and you can elect to have the alarm repeat on certain days. But if you have an existing alarm that is going off at […]