How to Turn Off Background App Refresh on the iPad 2

Battery life is something that every mobile device user needs to be aware of, and most devices have features that can be disabled in an effort to improve battery life. While the iPad 2 boasts a nearly 10-hour battery life under normal usage, you may find that you still want to be able to extend […]

How to Turn on Find My iPad on an iPad 2

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that we occasionally lose valuable items, or they are stolen from us. An iPad is something that can easily be lost due to its’ small size, and it is a target for thieves due to its’ value. If you are concerned about losing your iPad, then it is important […]

Get the Grid on the iPad Camera

Do you have a grid on your iPhone camera screen, or have you seen someone else that does? This is not a special camera app, but rather a setting that can be enabled on a stock iPad running the iOS 7 version of the operating system. This grid is helpful by allowing you to use […]

How to Block Pop-Ups on the iPad 2

Pop-ups have long been the bane of Internet users but, fortunately, most desktop and laptop browsers are configured to block them. Pop-ups can also affect browsing on mobile devices like the iPad 2, but they can be more difficult to deal with on a smaller screen. Fortunately the Safari browser on your iPad 2 offers […]

How to Enable Subtitles in Netflix on an iPad

Subtitles are a necessary component for almost any video streaming service, but they are controlled in different ways. The Netflix app on the iPad includes subtitles, but you may be having difficulty determining how to enable them. Our guide below will show you how to find the option that turns on subtitles in the iPad […]

How to Turn Off iMessage Previews on the iPad 2

If you are using the same Apple ID for your iPhone and iPad, then you might be getting some of your text messages on your iPad. This is because of a feature called iMessage that provides another means for sending text and picture messages between Apple devices. You can stop messages from going to your […]

How to View Pictures by Date on the iPad

It can be difficult to find a specific picture on your iPad by simply scrolling through your Camera Roll, so it can be helpful to view pictures by date on the iPad. This allows you to pinpoint a date range during which the picture was taken to make it easier to find. Our quick tutorial […]

How to Print a Web Page on an iPad

Setting up a printer on a Windows or Mac computer can sometimes be a hassle, but learning how to print a Web page on an iPad is a much smoother process. The iPad takes advantage of a feature called AirPrint that allows it to print to an AirPrint-compatible printer with a minimal amount of preparation. […]

How to Rewind a Movie on the iPad

Did you get distracted while watching a movie and miss something important? Knowing how to rewind a movie on the iPad will allow you to go back and watch a part of a movie, and it will also make it easy to go back to the beginning of a movie if it is still at […]

How to Delete a Text Message on the iPad in iOS 7

Learning how to delete a text message on the iPad in iOS 7 can be a helpful skill to have if someone else reads your iPad, and you often discuss sensitive subjects via text. Whether you are planning a surprise birthday party or discussing sensitive work topics, there may be information that you do not […]