How to View Pictures by Date on the iPad

It can be difficult to find a specific picture on your iPad by simply scrolling through your Camera Roll, so it can be helpful to view pictures by date on the iPad. This allows you to pinpoint a date range during which the picture was taken to make it easier to find. Our quick tutorial […]

How to Print a Web Page on an iPad

Setting up a printer on a Windows or Mac computer can sometimes be a hassle, but learning how to print a Web page on an iPad is a much smoother process. The iPad takes advantage of a feature called AirPrint that allows it to print to an AirPrint-compatible printer with a minimal amount of preparation. […]

How to Rewind a Movie on the iPad

Did you get distracted while watching a movie and miss something important? Knowing how to rewind a movie on the iPad will allow you to go back and watch a part of a movie, and it will also make it easy to go back to the beginning of a movie if it is still at […]

How to Delete a Text Message on the iPad in iOS 7

Learning how to delete a text message on the iPad in iOS 7 can be a helpful skill to have if someone else reads your iPad, and you often discuss sensitive subjects via text. Whether you are planning a surprise birthday party or discussing sensitive work topics, there may be information that you do not […]

How to Download a Picture from a Website to Your iPad

Learning how to download a picture from a website to your iPad is a skill that can be useful when you need to use a picture on your device that you cannot reproduce yourself. Your iPad will save downloaded pictures to your Camera Roll, where you can then share them and use them in the […]

How to Turn Off Bluetooth on the iPad in iOS 7

There are a number of icons at the top of your iPad screen that will let you know about certain settings that are turned on. One of these icons is the letter “B” which lets you know that your Bluetooth is turned on. While Bluetooth is very efficient on modern devices and only uses a […]

How to Get Emojis on the iPad in iOS 7

Emojis are popular icons that you can type into apps on your iPad. They include different types of smiley faces, animals and other tiny images that are fun to use in conversation. but these emojis are not found on your iPad by default, so you need to take a few steps in order to make […]

Set Your iPad Lock Screen Picture in iOS 7

Have you seen a friend or family member’s iPad and noticed that they were using their own pictures as the backgrounds on their device? For example, maybe they have a custom image that appears every time they unlock their device. This location is known as your lock screen, and you are able to customize the […]

How to Stop Blocking Pop-Ups in Safari on the iPad

Pop-ups on websites are rarely anything good. They are either advertisements or annoying options to sign up for newsletters. Fortunately most Web browsers will block pop-ups by default, so you never see most of them. But occasionally you will actually need to access a Web page that is being blocked by a pop-up blocker. So […]

How to Set an Alarm Clock on the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 is able to do a lot of really exciting things, like browse the Internet, install apps and listen to and watch media. But it also contains a number of useful features that can help you in certain situations throughout the day. One of these features is an alarm clock that you can […]