How to Set an Alarm Clock on the iPad 2

Your iPad 2 is able to do a lot of really exciting things, like browse the Internet, install apps and listen to and watch media. But it also contains a number of useful features that can help you in certain situations throughout the day.

One of these features is an alarm clock that you can use to wake you up in the morning, or alert you to an event that is occurring at a specific time. The alarm clock feature is included on your iPad by default, so continue reading below to learn how you can set an alarm on your iPad.

The iPhone has a similar alarm clock feature, which we discuss in our how to set alarm on iPhone 11 article.

Setting Alarms on an iPad

The steps below were performed on an iPad running the iOS 7 operating system. Your screen may look different than the images below if you are using a different version of iOS. You can read here to learn how to update to iOS 7 on your iPad.

Step 1: Touch the Clock icon.

open the clock app on the ipad

Step 2: Tap the Alarm option at the bottom of the screen.

touch the alarm option at the bottom of the screen

Step 3: Touch the + icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

touch the + icon

Step 4: Use the number wheels in the Add Alarm window to select the time for the alarm.

how to set an alarm clock on the ipad 2

Step 5: Touch the Repeat option, then select the days on which you want the alarm to go off. Touch the Back button to return to the alarm menu.

select the days for the alarm

Step 6: You can then touch the Label option to change the name of the alarm, the Sound button to choose a different alarm sound, and you can touch the button to the right of Snooze if you want to give yourself the option to to snooze the alarm. Touch the Save button at the top of the window when you have finalized your alarm settings.

choose the rest of the alarm options, then hit save

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