How to Show Total Number of Items in Outlook 2010 Folder

how to show the total number of items in outlook 2010 folder

In normal circumstances, Outlook 2010 will display a blue number in parentheses to the right of a folder when there are unread items in that folder. This is beneficial if you want to know how many items in a folder have not yet been viewed. However, … [Continue reading]

How to Return to Normal View in Word 2010

how to return to normal view in word 2010

Word 2010 has a bunch of different settings and view panels that you can choose from. They are helpful when you need to view atypical items, such as formatting marks and assorted breaks. However, if you forget to exit the view that you switched to, … [Continue reading]

Unable to Add a New Folder in Windows 7 Pictures Folder

unable to add a new folder in windows 7 pictures folder

Windows 7 gives you a lot of different ways to customize the things you see on your screen, and the ways that you display your files and folders. Most of these changes are applied to different folders in the same way, but some folders, like your … [Continue reading]

How to Remove a Page Break in Word 2010

how to remove a page break in word 2010

Last updated: December 12, 2016 A page break in Microsoft Word 2010 is an indicator to the program that you want to start a new page. There are actually two kinds of page breaks, however. One kind is the page break that you insert manually, in a … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Circular Selection in Photoshop CS5

how to make a circular selection in photoshop cs5

Making selections in Photoshop CS5 is one of the tasks that you will perform frequently. It is an effective way to crop an image, remove a section from one layer and move it to another, or simply remove a large segment from an image. For many of … [Continue reading]

How to Open the Google Chrome Task Manager

how to open the google chrome task manager

A lot of the time, when you have a Web browser open, there are more processes and applications running than you think. If you have ever pressed Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the Task Manager in Windows, then you probably have an idea of what I am … [Continue reading]

How to Change All Instances of a Font in Powerpoint 2010

how to change all instances of a font in powerpoint 2010

Choosing the right font for a Powerpoint 2010 presentation is an important aspect of how your entire presentation will eventually look. Unfortunately the correct font can vary depending upon the rest of the elements that are in your slideshow so, if … [Continue reading]

How to Clear All Cell Formatting in Excel 2010

how to clear all cell formatting in excel 2010

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to working with data in Excel 2010. This could mean incorporating advanced elements into cell formatting and formulas, or it could mean changing the fill color of certain cells. But if you have ever … [Continue reading]

How to Do Private Browsing on Your iPad 2

how to do private browsing on ipad 2

Apple's Safari browser is used on all of its Internet capable products, including the iPad. It is a powerful, full-featured browser that offers most of the settings and customization options that you would find in other Web browsers on your computer. … [Continue reading]

How to Convert a Text Layer to an Image in Photoshop CS5

how to convert a text layer to an image in photoshop cs5

One simple way to add some personalization to an image you are creating in Photoshop CS5 is through the use of a unique font. It can completely change the way an image looks, without requiring any advanced artistic skill. Unfortunately, if you are … [Continue reading]