How to Stop Grouping Messages by Conversation in Outlook 2011

Email habits and preferences are often built up over years of use and experience with different types of emails. These can be tough to break, and it can be difficult to work in a new email environment that operates in a different fashion that you are used to. Fortunately full-featured email programs like Outlook 2011 […]

How to Add BCC in Outlook 2011

Blind carbon copy, or BCC, is a helpful way to keep the email addresses of people copied on a message hidden from other recipients of the message. It’s a common feature found in most email programs and services, and it is available in Outlook 2011, too. But you may be having trouble finding it, so […]

How to Change the Send and Receive Frequency in Outlook 2011

The Outlook 2011 program for your Mac OS X computer is very similar to the versions that you might be used to on a Windows computer, but the menus and locations of important settings are noticeably different. So if you want to adjust Outlook 2011 so that it send and receives messages more or less […]

How to Export Outlook 2011 Contacts for Excel

The contacts that you have in Microsoft Outlook 2011 are well designed to work in that program, but you may not always be relying upon the contact information in the Outlook program on your Mac. You may find yourself with a need to export your contact information to a CSV file so that you can […]