How to Immediately Lock Password-Protected Sections in OneNote 2013

OneNote is a convenient way to store important information that you can access across multiple different devices. I personally use OneNote from my iPhone and several computers, and have come to rely on it in a number of different ways. But heavy reliance on a program like OneNote will likely result in important information being […]

How to Stop Including a Source Link When Pasting Into OneNote 2013

OneNote is a really helpful program for people that need to organize information so that they can access it at a later time. You can even access your OneNote notebooks from your iPhone to add another level of convenience to the application. But if you often copy and paste information from Web pages, then you […]

How to Keep the Ribbon Visible in OneNote 2013

Microsoft’s OneNote application is very helpful for keeping track of information so that you can access it from other computers and devices. It took me a while personally to really embrace OneNote for note-taking, but it has become a program that I have open on my computer at all times. Like other programs in Office […]

How to Use OneNote on the iPhone 5

Microsoft’s OneNote application is a very useful way to store notes and data in the cloud and access them from various devices. OneNote offers compatibility with a number of different applications on your computer, and it is very easy to store documents from those applications in various OneNote workbooks. Fortunately there is a OneNote app for […]

How to Password Protect a Notebook Section in OneNote 2013

OneNote is a really convenient way to store your ideas and thoughts. It has many tools for organizing all of the notebooks, pages, emails and web clippings that you might need later, and you can even leverage your free SkyDrive storage to make your notes accessible from different computers. Accessing these notes through a Web […]

How to Use OneNote on a Mac

OneNote is a great program, and an effective choice if you want to be able to keep track of important ideas, notes Web clippings and more. But if you use both Mac and Windows computers, you may have been looking for a way to access OneNote from your Mac. Fortunately you can take advantage of […]

How to Back Up Your Notebooks in OneNote 2013

OneNote 2013 is a great program, and gives you a lot of different ways to centralize your important notes and ideas. In fact, the more you use OneNote, the more likely you are to start relying on the information stored within it. Since this can result in OneNote containing a lot of important data, it […]