How to Change the Default Font in OneNote 2013

Customizing applications that you use a lot can make those applications easier and more enjoyable to use. Since you are looking at the words you type in OneNote a lot, then you might want to set a default font in OneNote that is different than the current option. The Microsoft Office programs on your computer […]

How to Disable Text Recognition in Pictures for OneNote 2013

Sometimes the pictures that you save in OneNote 2013 might have some text in them. Occasionally this text will be an important part of why you need the picture. Because of this, OneNote 2013 is able to automatically detect text that might appear in some of your images. But if you find that this behavior […]

How to Remove or Change Your Signature in OneNote 2013

If you are an Outlook user, then perhaps you have created a signature that is added to the end of the emails you write. Signatures are helpful, consistent ways to provide your email contacts with information about you. But you may not always need to include signatures on every email that you write, such as […]

How to Change OneNote 2013 Battery Settings

The amount of battery life that you can get from a single charge on your laptop computer is affected by a number of different programs and features. Typically you will associate battery life usage with apps that are open or currently being used, but other applications can drain your battery life, too, even if you […]

How to Stop OneNote 2013 from Automatically Creating Lists

OneNote 2013 is a helpful tool when you need to save information across multiple devices. You can organize your notes and data into separate notebooks, allowing you a level of organization that makes it easy to come back and find information when you need it. Often times this information can be in list form, and […]

How to Immediately Lock Password-Protected Sections in OneNote 2013

OneNote is a convenient way to store important information that you can access across multiple different devices. I personally use OneNote from my iPhone and several computers, and have come to rely on it in a number of different ways. But heavy reliance on a program like OneNote will likely result in important information being […]

How to Stop Including a Source Link When Pasting Into OneNote 2013

OneNote is a really helpful program for people that need to organize information so that they can access it at a later time. You can even access your OneNote notebooks from your iPhone to add another level of convenience to the application. But if you often copy and paste information from Web pages, then you […]

How to Insert a New Excel Spreadsheet in OneNote 2013

OneNote 2013 is a versatile program that makes it possible to organize all of your files and notes in one central location. You can create separate notebooks for different parts of your life, allowing you to sort information appropriately so that it can be found efficiently in the future. OneNote also interacts well with other […]

How to Keep the Ribbon Visible in OneNote 2013

Microsoft’s OneNote application is very helpful for keeping track of information so that you can access it from other computers and devices. It took me a while personally to really embrace OneNote for note-taking, but it has become a program that I have open on my computer at all times. Like other programs in Office […]