How to Print from an iPhone to the HP Officejet 6700

Last updated on May 3rd, 2023 at 11:44 pm

Your iPhone 5 has a feature on it called AirPrint that allows you to print to any Airprint capable printer on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. This is accomplished with a service called Bonjour, and the HP Officejet 6700 supports it. So once you have connected your Officejet 6700 to a wireless network, it is ready to print files from your iPhone.

You can read more about the Apple devices that can use AirPrint.


Print iPhone Pictures on the Officejet 6700

We are going to focus this tutorial on printing pictures from the iPhone, but you can follow a similar process to print other items on your phone, such as emails and documents. Basically any app that offers a Print option can use AirPrint. With that in mind, follow the steps below to send a picture from your iPhone 5 to the Officejet 6700.


Step 1: Tap the Photos icon.

open the photos app



Step 2: Select the Camera Roll option.

select the camera roll option



Step 3: Tap the thumbnail image of the picture that you want to print.

select the picture to print



Step 4: Touch the Share icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

touch the share icon



Step 5: Select the Print option.

select the print option



Step 6: Touch the Printer option at the top of the screen if a printer other than the Officejet 6700 is displayed. If the Officejet 6700 is displayed, you can skip to step 8.

touch the printer button



Step 7: Select the Officejet 6700 from the list of AirPrint capable printers. (I have multiple Officejet 6700’s on my network, which is why there are more than 1 displayed).

select the officejet 6700



Step 8: Touch the Print button.

print from the iphone to the officejet 6700



Do you use the Google Chrome app on your iPhone? Google Cloud Print is an exciting feature that is now enabled in the app. Read here to learn how to use it.

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