5 Helpful iPhone 5 Accessories

Your iPhone 5 comes with a couple of things when you purchase it, including a pair of earbuds and a charging cable. However, there are some other things that you might need during the period of time that you own the device. Some of these items take advantage of the capabilities of the iPhone 5 to improve your TV viewing experience, while the others provide help in other areas. So if you’ve been looking to get more out of your iPhone 5, or if you need to get an inexpensive gift for another iPhone owner in your life, then the options below might come in handy.


1. Another charging cable


I have lost a charging cable for every phone that I have ever owned. Whether I left it in a hotel room or at a friend’s house, inevitably I am going to need a replacement. You can find iPhone 5 charging cable almost anywhere, but if you have the option of planning ahead, then you can save yourself some money by purchasing the Amazon branded iPhone cable instead. It’s cheaper, works just as well as the Apple-branded cable, and it’s an Amazon product, so you know if it something you can count on. Click here to check it out.


2. An iPhone 5 Case


The iPhone 5 is a really slick looking device, so it can be a tough decision when you are choosing whether or not to get a case. But the iPhone 5 is also a little fragile and prone to scratching, so inevitably you will want to get a case to protect your investment. There are tons of cases available, but some of them are pretty unique, like the Doctor Who one above. You can see a huge collection of cases here that offer the ideal level of protection at an affordable price.


3. Bluetooth Headphones


The earbuds that come with the iPhone 5 are actually pretty good, and most people will never have a reason to use anything but them. But some people don’t like headphones that have a cord, especially when they are exercising or doing something where that cord can get in the way. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the Bluetooth feature of the iPhone 5 and get a pair of wireless headphones that sync with your iphone through the Bluetooth protocol. It’s very easy to setup, and the sound quality is pretty good. Check out a pair of good Bluetooth headphones here.


4. Lightning to HDMI Cable


The charging port on the iPhone 5 is called a Lightning port, and requires a specific type of cable if you want to connect the iPhone 5 to anything. This is pretty versatile, however, and there are a couple of different types of Lightning cables that exist. So, for example, if you want to connect your iPhone 5 to a TV so that you can watch a movie that is on your iPhone on your TV, then you can get this Lightning to HDMI cable. There are other options for watching your iPhone content on a TV, however, including the one below.


5. Apple TV

apple tv for iphone 5


While this isn’t specifically an iPhone 5 accessory, it is something that compliments the iPhone 5 very well. You can watch content from Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go on the Apple TV directly, plus you can take advantage of a cool feature called AirPlay for some other options. AirPlay allows you to mirror your iPhone 5 screen on your TV, plus it allows you to send content from apps to the TV screen, such as pictures or videos that you have recorded with your device. You can find out more about the Apple TV here.


If you are interested in the Apple TV and want to learn some more about it, you can read our article about reasons to get the Apple TV.

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