How to Upgrade to the No-Commercials Plan on Hulu

Hulu has long been one of the more popular subscription-based video-streaming services, as they offered access to newer episodes of current TV shows than what could be found on Netflix. But one of the biggest drawbacks to the Hulu service was that it showed commercials during the videos. But that drawback now has a solution, […]

How to Rename a Worksheet in Google Sheets

Large workbooks often have multiple worksheets contained within them, as it is usually more convenient to contain related information entirely within one file. The default worksheet naming convention in Google Sheets will label each worksheet with names like Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheets3, etc, which is typically not very helpful in identifying the information contained in that […]

How to Hide the Home Icon in the Toolbar in Google Chrome

The toolbar at the top of the Google Chrome browser contains a number of items that are meant to improve your experience with the browser. You can use the arrows to cycle through the pages in a tab’s history, and you can click the Reload button if you want to refresh your current page. You […]

How to Remove the Header and Footer When Printing in Firefox

While Web pages are primarily designed as a visual medium, and are meant to be viewed on screens, there are many situations where you might open a file or Web page in Firefox and wish to print it out. Whether it is a PDF file that you’ve opened through a website, or a specific page […]

How to Use the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

Recalling an email is a helpful option to have when you realize, right after sending a message, that you made some sort of mistake. Whether you forgot to include someone on the message, or a piece of information was incorrect, most people have experienced a situation where they wish they could recall an email. Gmail […]

How Good Is Your Backup Plan?

The average home computer user might not have a backup plan in place for the files on their personal laptop or desktop. If their computer is misplaced, damaged, or stolen, then the most irreplaceable items┬áthat are lost might be some pictures or documents. While it can be devastating to lose personal effects in this manner, […]

How to Do Private Browsing in Internet Explorer 11

Websites that you visit on the Internet will often use cookies to help improve your experience while using their Web pages. Internet Explorer will even remember every site that you visit by adding it to your history, thereby allowing you to return to the site at a later time. Cookies and Web histories can be […]

How to Find the Version Number in the Firefox Browser

Web browsers release updates on a fairly frequent basis and, depending upon your update settings, it is very possible that you do not have the most current version installed. So if you are experiencing a problem with Firefox, or if a website is not displaying properly, then most troubleshooting guides will include a step that […]

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Firefox

Most modern browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, provide methods for you to search the Internet without actually going to search engine’s home page. Each of these browsers will use the default search engine setting that they have, however, to determine which search engine is used for your query. A recent Firefox update […]

Why Is My Typing Delayed in Firefox?

Your default Internet browser is usually one of the most used programs on a computer, so when it is not working correctly it can be a problem. I recently started having a problem in the Mozilla Firefox browser where my typing was delayed, often causing me to make typing mistakes. This made it difficult to […]