How to Sort By Date in Excel Online

Some of the features that I use most often in Microsoft Excel Online are the sorting features. The ability to reorganize your data can be a lifesaver, either when you are editing or evaluating data in your own spreadsheet, or when you are preparing a report for someone else. If you have used Excel for […]

How to Hide a Column in Excel Online

It’s very likely that you will eventually be working with a spreadsheet that contains a lot of data. Sometimes this data might be a little too extensive, meaning that you have entire columns of information that you don’t need. But deleting that data might not be something that you want to do in the event […]

How to Remove a Worksheet Tab in Excel Online

An Excel file is called a workbook, and can contain multiple different worksheets. These different worksheets are identified by tabs that are visible at the bottom of the spreadsheet, and you can navigate between different worksheets by clicking on these tabs. Occasionally you may find that a workbook you are working on in Excel Online […]

How to Change Page Orientation in Excel Online

The online version of Microsoft Excel looks similar to the desktop version, and lets you perform many of the same tasks that you would do there as well. But one conspicuously absent element is the Page Layout tab, where you care able to choose things like the page size, scale, and the orientation. Fortunately you […]