How to Remove a Page Break in Word Online

There are a number of formatting objects and settings that can be difficult to manage in Word Online, but perhaps one of the most common issues involves manually-inserted breaks. If you are working in the online version of Word, then you might be interested in learning how to remove a page break in Word Online. […]

How to Save as a PDF from Word Online

When you share documents with other people, whether it’s through email or as something that you upload through a website, they often want the document to be in a specific file format. Documents that you create in Word Online will typically have the .docx file extension, which can be opened by many versions of Microsoft […]

How to Enable or Disable Page Ends in Word Online

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where one page ends and the next one begins when you are working in Microsoft Word. You may have found that you can switch the view type and see how your printed document will work, but there’s another option in Word Online, called Page Ends, that shows a […]

How to Change the Paper Size in Word Online

When you create a document in Word Online, the size of the paper that is used by default is likely to be either letter or A4. These are the most common paper sizes for many users, but not every document that is created in Microsoft Word Online will need to use that size. Fortunately you […]

How to Show the Full Ribbon in Word Online

When the navigation in Microsoft Word changed from a menu to a ribbon in Word 2007, there were many users that were upset with the switch. But the ribbon has persisted to this day, and is the primary way to perform most tasks in the application. If you have started using Word Online and noticed […]