How to Set Up Web Hosting for Your Blog at BlueHost

We have previously shown you how to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy, but now you need a place to put all of the files for that website. This means that you need to set up a Web hosting account. Our guide below will show you how to set up this account at BlueHost. They […]

How to Lend an Amazon Kindle Book

Have you read a book on your Kindle that you think a friend or family member would also like to read? Fortunately it is possible for you to lend some of your Kindle books to another person so that they can read it on their Kindle, or on a device with a compatible Kindle app. […]

How to Buy a Domain Name for Your Blog from GoDaddy

If you have been thinking about starting your own blog and are ready to put your plan in action, then congratulations! Creating and writing a blog on a topic about which you are passionate can be incredibly fulfilling, and it can even make you some money. But if you have never started a website before, […]

How to Share a Link to a File from Dropbox

Dropbox is a great way to get your files into the cloud so that they can be accessed from multiple devices. But you may be having trouble if you want to share a link to a file from Dropbox with another person. This is one of the best features of Dropbox, as it provides a […]

HBO Content Coming to Amazon Prime

Yesterday, April 23, 2014, HBO and Amazon announced that Amazon Prime members will be able to watch much of HBO’s back catalog of content as part of their Prime membership, beginning on May 21, 2014. This is outstanding news for Prime subscribers, as they will have free access to critically-acclaimed content such as The Wire, […]

How to Disable the Camera Button in Messages on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 makes it very easy to share information, whether that is in the form of emails, social media or text messages. But the Messages app on your iPhone 5 is capable of sending more than just text messages. It can also send pictures and videos. Messages that are sent with images or videos […]

How to Create a Signature in Hotmail

An email signature is a very helpful thing to have when you compose emails, simply because it provides your recipient with all of the vital information that they might need to contact you in some other way. Fortunately most popular email providers have included an option that allows you to create a personalized signature, and […]

How to View Your Stored Passwords in Firefox

While many of us have been properly scared into using strong passwords for websites that we visit, as well as told that we should never share them with anyone, it is very easy to start to accumulate a large number of passwords that are difficult to remember. Most of the more popular modern Web browsers, […]

Access Your iOS Notes and Reminders from a Windows PC

Last updated: December 27, 2016 Transitioning from a Windows computer to a Mac environment requires a little re-education as you familiarize yourself with the programs on the Mac, as well as the features and methods of accessing everything. If you’ve decided to fully embrace Apple’s line of products and are using any combination of an […]

How to Recall an Email in Gmail

Last updated: December 12, 2016 Have you ever accidentally sent a message from your Gmail account, only to realize, seconds later, that you made a mistake? Whether you sent it to the wrong person or people, included incorrect information, or made a harsh, emotional response that you regret, the ability to get that message back […]