How to View Your Stored Passwords in Firefox

While many of us have been properly scared into using strong passwords for websites that we visit, as well as told that we should never share them with anyone, it is very easy to start to accumulate a large number of passwords that are difficult to remember. Most of the more popular modern Web browsers, […]

Access Your iOS Notes and Reminders from a Windows PC

Last updated: December 27, 2016 Transitioning from a Windows computer to a Mac environment requires a little re-education as you familiarize yourself with the programs on the Mac, as well as the features and methods of accessing everything. If you’ve decided to fully embrace Apple’s line of products and are using any combination of an […]

How to Recall an Email in Gmail

Last updated: December 12, 2016 Have you ever accidentally sent a message from your Gmail account, only to realize, seconds later, that you made a mistake? Whether you sent it to the wrong person or people, included incorrect information, or made a harsh, emotional response that you regret, the ability to get that message back […]

How to Change Your Home Page on Firefox

The Firefox Web browser has most of the same features that you will find with other advanced Web browsers, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. But each of these browsers have their own methods for configuring settings and users that are new to a particular browser will inevitably have some difficulty moving around […]

How to Restore Google Account Contacts

Managing the contacts in your email account, or on a phone that you have just been given by a friend or relative is one of the most important aspects of using that account or device. But if you are accidentally signed into someone else’s account, or if you make a mistake and remove contacts that […]

How to Stop Google Chrome Predictions

Google Chrome is a browser that focuses on providing you with the fastest Web browsing experience possible. One way that it attempts to do this by using a prediction service that will pre-populate the address bar with a URL or search query as you begin typing it. This can be very helpful when the prediction […]

How Do You Get Rid of Themes in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a very customizable browser, and many of the customizations that are available to you can be applied very easily. And because of the ability to install these themes from directly within the browser, from the Chrome Web Store, you can rest assured that their application to your Chrome installation will be handled […]

How to Exit Full Screen in Mozilla Firefox

We’ve all been in a situation with our computers where we accidentally hit a key and something changes on our screen. Sometimes it can be very easy to fix, but other times the solution for doing so might elude us. If you hit a key on your keyboard and don’t know which key it was, […]

How to Restore the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox

There’s a typical pattern concerning Web browser toolbars that you tend to see with people as they learn how to use that particular browser. At first they will be hesitant to add any new add-on, extension or toolbar to the browser, for fear that they will install something that will break their computer. But as […]

How to Change Default Document Format in SkyDrive

Microsoft is making a big move to provide their users with a way to keep all of their important information stored online and at the heart of that move lies SkyDrive and Office Live. We are big fans of SkyDrive, and have written articles about useful ways that you can incorporate it into your life, […]