How to Show Text Messages on the iPad Lock Screen

Your iPhone and iPad can interact with each other effectively with the help of your Apple ID and iCloud. One interaction that you may find useful involves the ability for you to receive iMessages on both your iPhone and your iPad, meaning that you can continue to use your iPad without switching devices if you […]

How to Turn Off Security on the iPhone 6

One of the steps that you completed when you first activated your iPhone involved setting a passcode or enabling touch ID. These both provide security measures that make it difficult for anyone other than you to access the device. While this layer of protection does make it slightly more difficult to use the iPhone, the […]

How to Mark All Emails as Read on an iPhone 6

Unread email messages in the Mail app on your iPhone are usually identified by a small blue dot to the left of the message. If you open the message and read it, then return to the inbox, that blue dot should be gone. But not every email needs to be read, and if you are […]

How to Enable the Last Location Option in Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone feature can be incredibly useful if you can’t find your device. When the setting is enabled, you can sign into and see where your iPhone is. It’s a really cool feature, and definitely worth checking out, even if your iPhone is sitting right next to you. Unfortunately your iPhone needs […]

How Much Storage Do I Have Left in iCloud?

The Apple ID that you created and use on your iPhone includes certain features, such as iCloud storage. This storage is typically used to store data from the apps on your iPhone or iPad, as well as storing backups of those devices. But the free option for iCloud only includes 5 GB of data, and […]

How to Get an Attachments Folder in Mail on an iPhone

Email attachments can come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and it is now possible to view many of those attachments directly on your iPhone. This takes away one of the barriers that prevented a lot of iPhone owners from using their devices for email more frequently. Many of the more important emails you […]

How to Fetch Mail Manually on an iPhone 6

The Mail app on your iPhone allows you to add your email accounts so that you can read and send email messages directly from the device. Your iPhone will periodically check for new email messages throughout the day, either using an option called Push, where your emails are downloaded as soon as they are sent […]

Where Are the Safari Tabs on an iPhone?

The ability to use tabs when your are browsing the Internet can make it much easier to quickly switch between multiple Web pages. Tabbed browsing is something that has been a big part of desktop browsers for a while, but it is also a feature that you can use on your iPhone. The Safari iOS […]

How to Get Your iPhone to Send an SMS if iMessage Isn’t Working

Your iPhone is capable of sending text messages in two different formats. One of those formats is called iMessage, which is a text messaging type that can be sent between iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. The second messaging format type is SMS (short message service), which is the type of text message […]

Why Does it Say VZW Wi-Fi at the Top of My iPhone Screen?

Last updated: July 5, 2019 The top-left corner of your iPhone screen usually contains information that tells you about your current network connection. So if you ever wondered whether you were connected to a cellular network or a WiFi network, that that is where you would look. But a new option has come up recently, […]