How to Search for an App on Your iPhone

Apps are among the most common ways that people interact with their phones, and many of the best apps are not included on your iPhone by default. This means that you need to download them to your device from the App Store. But if you are having trouble using the App Store and cannot figure […]

Take Advantage of Spotlight Search to Find Things Faster on Your iPhone

How many times have you been looking for an address, phone number or other important piece of information that you knew was on your phone, but you don’t remember where it was? If you are actively using email, text messaging, notes and other apps on your phone, then it can be difficult to find a […]

How to Change a Contact Name on the iPhone 5

Storing important phone numbers or email addresses as contacts on your iPhone is a simple way to ensure that you always have access to helpful contact information. Whether it’s a favorite pizza place in a vacation spot or an old high school friend that you visit when you go home, it’s nice to be able […]

How to Connect to a Hidden Network on the iPhone 5

There are many different levels and types of security that you can apply to your Wi-Fi network, and a common one that some people like to use is not broadcasting their network name (SSID). While this may not be helpful when attempting to block a more advanced type of attacker, it can at least prevent […]

How to Delete All Music in iOS 7 on the iPhone

You have a limited amount of space on your iPhone, and many users will need to actively manage the content and apps that they have on their devices. We have previously written about how to delete a song in iOS 7, but sometimes you want to remove all of your songs at once. Fortunately this […]

Which Version of iOS is on My iPhone?

Apple updates the software on your iPhone periodically, and each update includes a number to identify it. Large updates can drastically change the way that the phone looks and operates, even adding completely new features. So if you see that someone else is using something on their iPhone that you don’t have, or if you […]

How to Add an Email Address to a Contact on the iPhone

You can do a lot more with your iPhone than simply making phone calls or typing text messages. One of the most common things to do is read and write emails, but it can be difficult to remember everyone’s email address. Fortunately you can add someone’s email address to their contact information on your phone, […]

How to Add a Contact to Your VIP List in Mail on the iPhone

Sorting and filtering email can be difficult to do if you receive a lot of it at different email accounts. The majority of emails that I receive to my email accounts fall into the categories of spam, advertising or newsletters, but the large volume of it makes it so that I might accidentally delete an […]

How to Increase Screen Brightness on the iPhone

Screen brightness is a really important factor in how well things appear on your iPhone screen. There is an auto-brightness feature in iOS 7 that the iPhone will use to accommodate for the external lighting conditions, but you might occasionally find that your screen still isn’t bright enough. Or you may inadvertently lower your screen […]

How to Download a Picture to Your iPhone 5

It can sometimes be difficult to think of it as such, but the iPhone shares a lot of similarities with a computer. One of these similarities is the ability to save files to the hard drive on the phone. However, unlike a laptop or a desktop computer, it might not initially be something that is […]