How to Stop Blocking Pop-Ups in Mozilla Firefox

Pop-ups got a bad name years ago when they were being used to display spammy advertisements and unwanted content. As a result of their widespread usage, Web browsers started to include pop-up blockers, which are now turned on by default in most of these browser. Mozilla’s Firefox browser is no exception, and it is generally something that you will want to keep enabled. But occasionally you will find yourself visiting a site that relies on pop-ups to convey important information, and choosing to temporarily allow a pop-up might not work. In these cases, you may need to turn off the pop-up blocker so you can access the information that you need.


Temporarily Allow Pop-Ups in Firefox by Disabling the Pop-Up Blocker

Note that this method should only be used as a temporary measure. You generally encounter more bad pop-ups than good, and your Web-browsing experience will be worse off in the long run if you allow all pop-ups to come through. So once you have followed the steps below to stop blocking pop-ups and completed whatever task you needed to complete, it’s a good idea to return to the Firefox Options menu and re-enable the pop-up blocker.


Step 1: Open the Firefox browser.


Step 2: Click the orange Firefox tab at the top-left corner of the window.

click the firefox tab



Step 3: Click Options in the column on the right side of the menu, then click Options again.

click options, then click options again



Step 4: Click the Content tab at the top of the window.

click the content tab at the top of the window



Step 5: Click the box to the left of Block pop-up windows to clear the check mark, then click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

how to stop blocking pop-ups in firefox



As mentioned earlier, you should probably go back and turn the pop-up blocker on again after you have completed your task.

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