How to Clear Your Home Page in the Firefox iPhone App

Setting a homepage in your Web browser is helpful if you always want to visit the same site the first time you start the browser. Whether it’s a site for your hobby, your job, or simply your favorite news site, having a homepage lets you get to your favorite content faster. But your homepage needs […]

How to Create a Spotify Playlist on an iPhone 7

Playlists have been an important component of digital music for a while now, and most music apps will provide the means for you to create a playlist of your favorite songs. The Spotify music streaming service is no different, and you can have a large number of playlists on your account so that there are […]

How to Set the Same Picture for the Home Screen and Lock Screen on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone can be customized in a number of different ways, from the ringtones and the notification sounds that you use, to the apps that you download and install. You can also change the appearance of the lock screen and the Home screen by adjusting the wallpaper that serves as the background for those locations. […]

How to Turn Off Email Previews on the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch can show you a lot of information about the notifications that you receive from the apps on your iPhone. Many of these notifications can even completely replace the functionality of your iPhone, meaning that you won’t need to take the phone out of your pocket or your purse as frequently. One of […]

How to Keep the Normal Picture from a Portrait Picture on an iPhone

Your iPhone’s camera has a number of different “modes” that you can choose from. These modes include Photo, Video, Slo-Mo, Time Lapse, Pano, Square, and Portrait. Each of these modes can be used to create a picture or video, and the specific option that you select will be based on your current needs. One option […]

How to Download a Music Playlist on an iPhone 7

The playlists that you create on your iPhone provide you with a helpful way to curate a group of songs that capture a mood, or are ideal for a particular occasion. If you have an Apple Music subscription or songs in your iCloud Music Library, then you are able to add songs from those locations […]

How to Enable the Magnifier on an iPhone 7

The iPhone has a couple of cool tools and features that you may not know about unless you specifically go looking for them. For example, the iPhone has a level that’s accessible through the Compass app. But it also has a tool called Magnifier, which you can use to zoom in on small or far […]

How to Customize Cellular Data Usage By the iPhone Music App

The apps on your iPhone can use a lot of data if given the chance. This is typically not an issue when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, but it can be a concern when you are on a cellular network and need to keep an eye on the amount of data that you […]

How to Stop Websites from Seeing if You Have Apple Pay on Your iPhone

The Apple Pay feature on your iPhone provides and new simple and secure method of making payments through your device. It integrates with a number of third-party apps, as well as many of the default ones on your device. One interesting interaction is with Safari, as some websites are equipped to communicate with your iPhone […]

How to View Potential iOS 11 App Compatibility Issues on an iPhone

Apple often releases new versions of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and the next version to be released is iOS 11. In preparation for this new version, app developers often need to make changes to their apps so that they will be compatible with the new operating system. In iOS 10 you […]