How to Set a Venmo Passcode on an iPhone 7

Venmo is a convenient app that lets you send money to your friends. Whether you are using it to split a restaurant check, or you need to give someone money but don’t have cash, there are many reasons why Venmo is helpful. But the app makes it so easy to send money to people that […]

How to Turn Off iCloud Keychain on an iPhone 7

The iCloud Keychain is a feature that allows you to save passwords and credit card information to your iCloud account so that you can easily use that information on devices that are synced to iCloud. However, this can be the cause of some frustrating issues when data is saved incorrectly, or if iCloud does not […]

How to Enable the Speak Selection Option on an iPhone 7

There are some features and settings on your iPhone that allow you to hear a spoken version of the text that is currently displayed on your screen. One of these features is called “Speak Selection” which provides an option where you tap and hold on a selection, then touch a “Speak” button. The selection is […]

How to Stop Announcing Calls on an iPhone 7

Is your iPhone announcing phone calls that you are receiving? This can be beneficial when you are in a situation where you might not be able to check your iPhone (such as when your iPhone is connected to Bluetooth while you are driving), but it may be unwanted if it is happening all of the […]

How to Access the Camera from the Lock Screen on an iPhone 7

Many of the pictures that you will take with your iPhone require you to act quickly. But unlocking your phone and launching the camera app can take a couple of seconds, at which point you may have missed what you were trying to photograph. Fortunately you can access the camera from the lock screen on […]

How to See Which iPhone Apps Have Siri Access

The iOS 10 update for your iPhone provided some new capabilities for Siri. Specifically apps can now be integrated with Siri so that you can perform tasks within that app. It isn’t available for every app yet, but you can use some popular ones, such as Uber or Venmo, by enabling those apps in the […]

How to See if There is an Update Available for an App on Your iPhone 7

App updates on your iPhone often provide improvements, bug fixes, and new features for the apps that you have installed on your device. However, these app updates might not install automatically, or immediately, when they become available in the app store. If you find that you want to use an app feature that was included […]

How to Adjust 3D Touch Sensitivity on the iPhone 7

3D Touch is a clever addition to the iOS operating system that provides even more ways for you to interact with your iPhone, despite the limited number of buttons and input mechanisms. But you might find that you need to adjust the 3D Touch sensitivity on your iPhone 7 if the 3D Touch feature is […]

How to Restore a Deleted Picture on an iPhone 7

You might discover that you need to know how to restore a deleted picture on your iPhone 7 if you have deleted it by accident, or if you find that you need a picture that you have already removed. The method for deleting a lot of pictures on the iPhone, such as when you need […]

How Much Space are Pictures Taking Up on My iPhone 7?

The pictures and videos on your iPhone can easily number in the hundreds, or even thousands, depending upon how much you use your camera. This can inevitably lead you to ask how much space those pictures are using on your iPhone as you find that you don’t have available storage for new apps. The size […]