how to clear formatting in Google Docs

How to Clear Formatting in Google Docs

Copying and pasting information from other documents or sources can be a real timesaver when you are putting together a larger document for work or school. But not every document or source uses the same formatting, so you can wind up with a lot of different types of formatting in one document, which can leave … Read more

how to do subscript in Google Docs

How to Do Subscript in Google Docs

Properly formatting text is an important element in creating a document that is informative and easy for your readers to consume. Some of these formatting options are easy to find and use in Google Docs, while others might be a little trickier. One formatting task that you may be curious about is how to subscript … Read more

how to change to landscape orientation in google docs

How to Make Google Docs Landscape

Some important Google Docs settings can be difficult to find, and one such setting involves how to switch the page orientation of a Google Doc. The orientation of a document in Google Docs refers to the location of the long edge of the page, and is just one of the many formatting choices you can … Read more

how to add a page break in google docs

How to Insert a Page Break in Google Docs

Managing the layout of a document in Google Docs can be difficult, particularly if you need to meet certain formatting requirements. But you might also want to start a new page at a custom spot, which can leave you wondering how to insert a page break in Google Docs. Google Docs will naturally decide on … Read more

how to strikethrough in google docs

How to Strikethrough in Google Docs

By incorporating some of the less-commonly used features of word processing applications, it’s possible to achieve exactly what you want with your document. So you may find yourself in a situation where you need to strikethrough text in Google Docs. If you find that you often have part of a document that you are unsure … Read more

how to remove a page break in Google Docs

How to Remove a Google Docs Page Break

Documents that you create or edit in word processing applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs often need some custom spacing. You can do this by pressing the Enter key a bunch of times, or by using one of several types of breaks. But if you have added a break to a document that you … Read more

how to change paper size in google docs

How to Change the Paper Size in Google Docs

Word processing applications like Microsoft Word and Google Docs include a handful of options that are set as default. This includes a default paper size which, in most cases, will be either Letter or A4, depending on your geographic location. But if you want to change paper size in Google Docs then you may be … Read more