How to Add Column in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding a column in Google Docs is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in just a few clicks. Essentially, you’ll need to open your document, insert a table, and then add a column to that table. By following these simple steps, you can easily organize your data in a way that’s visually appealing and easy to read.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Add Column in Google Docs

Before we dive into the specific steps, let’s quickly go over what we’ll be doing. We’re going to insert a table into our document and then add a column to that table. It’s a simple process that will help you create organized lists, schedules, or any other type of content that benefits from a tabular format.

Step 1: Open Your Google Docs Document

Open the Google Docs document where you want to add a column.

Opening your document is as easy as going to the Google Docs website and clicking on the document you need to edit. Make sure you’re logged into the correct Google account that has access to the document.

Step 2: Insert a Table

Click on ‘Insert’ in the top menu, then hover over ‘Table’ and select the size of the table you need.

When you hover over ‘Table,’ you’ll see a grid pop up. This grid lets you select the initial number of columns and rows for your table. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the exact size; you can always add or remove columns and rows later.

Step 3: Add a Column to the Table

Right-click on a cell where you want to add a column, then select either ‘Insert column left’ or ‘Insert column right.’

After you’ve inserted your table, decide where you want your new column to be. If you want it to the left of a specific column, right-click on a cell in that column and choose ‘Insert column left.’ If you want it on the right, select ‘Insert column right.’

Once you’ve added your column, you can start filling it with content. You can also resize your columns by clicking and dragging the borders to make them wider or narrower.

What Happens After You Add A Column

After you add a column, you’ll see it immediately in your table. You can start inputting data into your new column, or if you need more columns or rows, you can continue to add them using the same steps. It’s a flexible system that allows for as much expansion as you need.

Tips for Adding Columns in Google Docs

  • If you want to add multiple columns at once, you can select more than one cell before right-clicking and choosing ‘Insert column left’ or ‘Insert column right.’
  • To delete a column, right-click on a cell within the column you want to delete and select ‘Delete column.’
  • You can move a column by clicking and dragging the column’s top border to a new position.
  • Adjusting the width of one column will adjust the others in the table, so keep that in mind when resizing.
  • If you have text that’s too long for a cell, you can wrap the text by adjusting the cell’s properties—just right-click on the cell and select ‘Table properties.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a column anywhere in the document?

You can only add columns within a table. If you need a column outside of a table, consider using the ‘Columns’ feature under ‘Format’ in the top menu for text formatting.

How many columns can I add to a table in Google Docs?

Google Docs allows you to add as many columns as you need. However, keep in mind that adding too many columns might make your table too wide for the page.

Can I add a column on the Google Docs mobile app?

Yes, you can add columns on the mobile app by tapping on a cell, then selecting the ‘Insert’ option to add a column to the left or right.

How do I format the content within a column?

You can format the text within a column just like you would with any other text in Google Docs. Highlight the text and use the formatting tools in the top menu to change font size, style, alignment, and more.

Can I convert my table back to regular text after adding columns?

Yes, you can convert a table back to text by right-clicking on the table and selecting ‘Delete table.’ Be aware that this will remove the table structure, but the text will remain.


  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Insert a table.
  3. Add a column to the table.


Adding a column in Google Docs is a breeze once you get the hang of it. Whether you’re organizing data, creating schedules, or just trying to keep your document neat, knowing how to add and manipulate columns is a valuable skill. Remember, the key is to start with a table and then customize it to fit your needs. With the flexibility of Google Docs, you can make your documents as simple or complex as you like. So go ahead, give it a try, and watch your documents transform into well-organized masterpieces. And if you ever get stuck, just come back to this guide for a quick refresher. Happy documenting!

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