How to Get Rid of Grey Background in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of the dull grey background in your Google Docs? Want to give your document a fresh, clean look? You’re in luck! Getting rid of that grey background is simpler than you might think. In just a few quick steps, you’ll have a crisp, white canvas for all your creative writing or professional documentation.

Step by Step Tutorial: Removing Grey Background in Google Docs

Before we dive into the step-by-step guide, let’s understand what following these steps will achieve. By the end of this tutorial, the grey background that surrounds your Google Doc will be gone, leaving you with a more traditional-looking document that’s easier on the eyes.

Step 1: Open your Google Doc

Open the Google Doc that has the grey background you want to remove.

This might seem like an obvious first step, but it’s crucial to begin with the right document open. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and navigate to the document in question.

Step 2: Click on “File” in the top menu

In the top menu of your Google Doc, click on the “File” option.

Once you’ve clicked “File,” a dropdown menu will appear with a list of options. This is where you can find all the settings related to your document.

Step 3: Go to “Page Setup”

In the dropdown menu, scroll down and select “Page Setup.”

“Page Setup” is towards the bottom of the list, so you might need to scroll down a bit to find it. This is where you can adjust the settings for your document’s pages.

Step 4: Change the page color

In the “Page Setup” window, look for the “Page Color” section and select “White.”

The “Page Color” section is typically in the bottom left corner of the “Page Setup” window. Clicking on the colored square will bring up the color options, where you can select “White.”

Step 5: Save the changes

After selecting “White” as the page color, click “OK” to save the changes.

By clicking “OK,” you’re confirming the changes to your document’s background color. The grey background will now be removed, and your document will have a clean, white background.

After completing these steps, your document will no longer have that pesky grey background. Instead, you’ll have a fresh white background that’s perfect for all your document needs.

Tips for Managing Background Colors in Google Docs

  • Tip 1: Keep in mind that changing the page color will affect the entire document. Make sure this is what you want before proceeding.
  • Tip 2: If you want to add a background color for aesthetic purposes, you can choose any color from the color palette in the “Page Color” section.
  • Tip 3: Remember that changing the background color can affect how easily the text can be read, so choose your colors wisely.
  • Tip 4: If you’re creating a document for professional purposes, it’s typically best to stick with a white background for a clean, uniform look.
  • Tip 5: Google Docs automatically saves your changes, but it’s always a good idea to double-check that your changes have been saved before closing the document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a custom color as the background in Google Docs?

Yes, in the “Page Color” section, you can click on “Custom” and enter a specific color code or use the color picker for a more personalized touch.

Will changing the background color affect the printing of the document?

Changing the background color in Google Docs is for on-screen viewing only. By default, Google Docs doesn’t print background colors to save ink, unless you change your printer settings to do so.

Can I remove the background color from a shared document?

If you have editing permissions for the document, you can remove the background color following the same steps. However, this change will be visible to all collaborators.

Is it possible to have different background colors for different pages in one document?

No, currently, the background color setting applies to the entire document. All pages will have the same background color.

What should I do if I can’t find the “Page Setup” option?

Make sure you’re using Google Docs on a desktop or laptop computer. Some options might not be available on mobile devices or in the Google Docs app.


  1. Open your Google Doc.
  2. Click on “File” in the top menu.
  3. Go to “Page Setup.”
  4. Change the page color to “White.”
  5. Save the changes.


In conclusion, Google Docs is a powerful tool for document creation and collaboration. However, the default grey background can sometimes be a distraction or simply not fit the aesthetic you’re aiming for. Thankfully, removing the grey background is a quick and easy process that can transform the look of your documents. Just remember to consider the readability and purpose of the document when choosing a new background color. With this guide, you should now have no trouble getting rid of the grey background in Google Docs, allowing you to customize your documents to better reflect your personal or professional brand. Happy documenting!

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