How to Insert a Page Break in Google Docs

Managing the layout of a document in Google Docs can be difficult, particularly if you need to meet certain formatting requirements. But you might also want to start a new page at a custom spot, which can leave you wondering how to insert a page break in Google Docs.

Google Docs will naturally decide on its own when it needs to add another page to your document. This typically occurs when you are typing and have reached the end of the bottom-most line of the page.

But occasionally you will encounter a situation where that automatic page break isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, and that you would like to start a new page at a different point. Fortunately you can achieve this by inserting a page break in your document. Our guide below will show you how to add a page break in Google Docs.

How to Insert a Page Break in Google Docs

  1. Open the document.
  2. Select the point for the break.
  3. Click Insert.
  4. Choose Break, then Page break.

Continue reading below for additional information on inserting a page break in Google Docs, including pictures of these steps.

How to Add a Page Break to a Document in Google Docs (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed in the Google Chrome version of Google Docs. Completing the steps in this guide will add a page break to a point in your document. Note that this may increase the page count of your document based on where the page break is added.

Step 1: Go to your Google Drive at and open the document to which you want to add a page break.

Step 2: Click at the point in the document where you wish to place the page break.

select point for page break

Step 3: Click the Insert tab at the top of the window.

how to insert page break google docs

Step 4: Click the Page Break option.

In newer versions of Google Docs you will need to select “Break” first to see the list of available break options.

Note that you can also add a page break to your document with a keyboard shortcut, which we will discuss in the next section.

how to add a page break in google docs

Additional Method for Inserting a Page Break in Google Docs

If you are using a lot of page breaks in Google Docs then you might be looking for a faster way to do this, such as a combination of keys on your keyboard.

Fortunately there is a keyboard shortcut for page breaks in Google Docs.

If you place your cursor at the point in the document where you want the page break, then press Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard, then Google Docs will insert a page break at that location.

Does your document have page numbers on it, but you would also like to include information about the total number of pages in the document? Learn how to add a page count in Google Docs and get page numbers that are of the format “Page X of Y.”

How to Remove a Google Docs Page Break

If you have manually added a page break in Google Docs you might need to remove it if the layout of your document changes.

Fortunately you can remove a page break in Google Docs by placing your cursor below the break, then pressing the Backspace key until the break has been deleted.

More Information on Page Breaks in Google Docs

While page breaks in a document can be useful for helping to control what information appears on what page, they can cause a lot of problems down the road if you adjust your page margins, or decide to change the number of columns in the document. While Microsoft Word includes an option for this by default, you would need to download an ad on for Google Docs if you wish to view formatting marks there. However, this may be worth it if you run into this problem a lot, especially when managing existing page breaks in the document.

When learning about page breaks in Docs you may have also noticed that there was an option on that menu for something called “Section breaks.”

A section break works a little differently than a page break, in that it allows you to create different parts of your document. You can use either the Section break (next page) option if you would like to create a section and start it on a new page, or you can choose the Section break (continuous) option if you want to start the section at a spot in the middle of a page.

Section breaks offer some additional flexibility with your document layout, and can be useful in longer documents, or documents that have a number of distinct parts.

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