How to Mirror Text on Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mirroring text in Google Docs might seem like a complex task, but it’s actually quite simple. By flipping the text, you can create a cool effect for graphics, logos, or just to add a little pizzazz to your document. Here’s a quick rundown: you’ll insert a text box, type your text, and then use the drawing tool to mirror the text horizontally or vertically. Ready to give it a go?

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Mirror Text on Google Docs

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. By following these steps, you’ll learn how to flip your text like a pancake (but without the mess). Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open a Google Docs document

Open the Google Docs document where you want to mirror your text.

This is your starting point. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and open the document you’ll be working on.

Step 2: Insert a Drawing

Go to the “Insert” menu, select “Drawing,” then choose “+ New.”

You’ll find the “Insert” menu at the top of your document. The drawing tool is where the magic happens.

Step 3: Create a Text Box

In the drawing tool, click on the “Text box” button and draw a text box.

Once you’re in the drawing area, you’ll see a toolbar. Click on the “T” icon to create a text box, then click and drag to draw it on the canvas.

Step 4: Type Your Text

Type the text you want to mirror inside the text box.

Here’s where you input the words you want to flip. You can change the font, size, and style to your liking.

Step 5: Flip the Text

Click on “Actions,” select “Rotate,” and then choose “Flip horizontally” or “Flip vertically.”

After you’ve typed your text, go to the “Actions” menu in the top left corner. Use the rotate options to flip your text upside down or backwards.

Step 6: Save and Close the Drawing

Click “Save and Close” to insert the mirrored text into your document.

Once you’re happy with how your text looks, hit that “Save and Close” button. Your mirrored text will now appear in your document.

After completing these steps, you’ll have successfully mirrored your text in Google Docs. It will appear as an image that you can resize and move around as you please.

Tips for Mirroring Text on Google Docs

  • Remember to double-check your text before flipping it, as editing after mirroring can be a bit trickier.
  • If you want to get creative, try using different fonts and colors before mirroring your text.
  • The mirrored text will be inserted as an image, so you can also apply image options like border color and thickness.
  • Use the zoom function in the drawing tool for more precise placement and editing of your text box.
  • Keep in mind that mirrored text may not be easily readable, so use this effect sparingly and purposefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the text after I have mirrored it?

Once the text is mirrored, it becomes an image, so you cannot edit the text directly. You’ll need to edit the original text in the drawing tool and mirror it again.

Will mirroring text work on Google Docs mobile app?

The drawing tool is not available in the Google Docs mobile app, so you won’t be able to mirror text on your mobile device. You’ll need to use a desktop browser.

Can I mirror an entire paragraph?

Yes, you can mirror any amount of text, but keep in mind that readability might be an issue for longer pieces of text.

Is it possible to mirror text vertically?

Absolutely! You can flip the text horizontally or vertically, depending on the effect you’re going for.

Can I use mirrored text in a professional document?

It’s best to use mirrored text sparingly and only when it serves a specific purpose, as it can be difficult to read and may not always come across as professional.


  1. Open a Google Docs document.
  2. Insert a Drawing.
  3. Create a Text Box.
  4. Type Your Text.
  5. Flip the Text.
  6. Save and Close the Drawing.


Mirroring text on Google Docs is an easy way to add a fun visual twist to your documents. Whether you’re creating a logo, making a T-shirt design, or just looking to jazz up your project, flipping text is a handy trick to have up your sleeve. Remember, the mirrored text will act as an image, so you can treat it as such—move it, resize it, and even apply special effects. And don’t forget to play around with fonts and colors before mirroring to make your text stand out even more.

While it’s a simple process, don’t hesitate to refer back to this guide if you get stuck, and experiment with different types of documents to see how mirrored text can enhance your work. With these steps, you’ll be flipping text like a pro in no time—go ahead, give it a try and see how it transforms your Google Docs experience!

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